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You'll NEED an Autumn Wedding After Seeing These Fall Bridal Hairstyles

by Jade Feasel | Oct 11 2016

If you didn't already want a wedding in the fall, you sure will now. These beautiful bridal hairstyles will have you and everyone else swooning as you walk down the isle (maybe over a path of colorful fall leaves). Dye your hair a warm, rich fall color and you can't go wrong! For more inspiration, visit our Pinterest boards! 

A Beautiful pop of color that is subtle enough to not take away from your fabulous dress 



Beautiful waterfall like hair under a pale pink flower is every bride's dream 



A crown of fire!



More branches than flowers here, and we're okay with that!



Beautiful crown in an ancient greek style. Paired with that high fashion turtle neck dress, where can you go wrong?



For a more traditional twist on the new flower crowns, add a simple veil underneath it!



These flowers and leaves house the most beautiful colors, perfect for an outdoor fall wedding!



Will that flower crown and bouquet make me feel like this picture makes me feel? DAWWWWW



Early November wedding? This is the crown for you!



Bettie bangs with some fall florals!



A more simple but elegant hairstyle, romantic and relaxed.



Want even more fall? Add a yellow veil and some purple flowers with the normal fall colors. 



A darker, more stylish fall bouquet and crown, beautiful and edgy. 


many of these beautiful crowns can be found on thehoneycomb Etsy shop, and they even make custom orders! If you want to save some change, have your bridesmaids over to create a crown and small hairpieces for your bridal party. Maybe even some lapel pins for the men of the bridal party! 

For help getting those luscious curls, use our 4 Piece Groover Curling Iron set, it comes with 4 different barrels so you can style each of your maids according to the hair they have and need to achieve. 




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