Carousel Braid

Want to look glamorous on special occasions, weddings, and events? Then, you must try this Carousel braid hairstyle. This type of braid is also known as ‘Lace Braid Ponytail.' It’s easy and quick method will help you to add a little extra to your ponytail that makes you look super cute. In this unique and stylish hairstyle, you'll make just one long braid and wrap it around the ponytail. You will simply have to do 4 to 5 stitches of a regular braid and then loop it a round behind, taking back up with lace braid on another side. Carousel braid is a fantastic new fancy hairstyle for school going girls too. Excellent New Variation Of ‘Ponytail’ This braided style looks beautiful when you have a long straight hair. Moreover, this new variation of ponytail shortens the time of making braid without losing the appearance of a 'Spiral Braid.' However, using this tutorial, you can quickly become a hair beautician expert without even spending any buck. Just you need to follow steps carefully to imbibe natural grace in your hair. DIY Step By Step Carousel Braid Tutorial Total Time: 10 minutes You Will Need: a) Comb b) 1 large hairband c) 1 small rubber band d) Hairspray (optional) e) Bobby pins (optional) Steps Of Carousel Braid: 1. First of all, straight out your hair by brushing it. 2. Now make a high ponytail and fix it with a large rubber band. 3. From the left side of the ponytail, take a small section of hair and divide it into three parts. 4. Make a tight lace braid starting from left to right. Add hair to the top of the braid from the ponytail. 5. When you encounter another side of the ponytail, braid a few stitches of a regular three strand braid without adding hair. 6. Take the ‘Three Strand Braid’ behind the ponytail and back around to the left side. 7. Now, repeat steps 3 and 4 to braid over the ponytail. 8. And then repeat step number 5. You have to continue weaving across the ponytail. 9. Finally, it's time to wrap the braid around the hair until you reach its bottom. 10. Fix it with a rubber band. 11. You can use hair spray to make it stay longer. 12. Add hair accessories like headbands, hair clips if desired. 13. Voila, you have made an ideal Carousel braid.