Simple, timeless, and oh-so elegant, the Chignon has been a coveted look for thousands of years - all the way back to ancient Greece. Its power is in its versatility: it can be used to dress up an everyday look or to add the perfect touch of understated elegance for weddings or black tie events. In a telltale sign of a timeless style, the Chignon has resurged in popularity again and again throughout time. The Chignon was first loved by Athenian women in ancient Greece, who wore the look with ornate, gold or ivory-plated hairpins. Shortly after, women in ancient China started wearing the low, knotted look after they got married. The Chignon gained strong prominence in the Victorian era when women used fake filler to make their Chignon fuller and grander. It returned in the 1940s, but this time for more practical reasons. American women working in factories during World War II paired a Chignon with a headscarf as a chic solution to keeping their hair out of their face while they worked. As the years have gone by, the Chignon has remained an iconic look. It is a red carpet mainstay, popping up especially frequently in the past few years - it has been rocked by everyone from Taylor Swift, to Blake Lively, to the Duchess of Cambridge. And perhaps the most satisfying part of our love affair with the Chignon? It’s super easy. In fact, the Chignon can be done at home in just five simple steps. Get the look now: Step 1: Begin with 2nd-day hair, or apply texturizing spray- this style looks great with a little-added grit. Using a comb, center part your hair. Pull your hair behind your ears, gathering it together on the back your neck. Step 2: Slowly twist your hair to the end. Then, begin coiling it up in a counterclockwise motion. Next, you want to wrap this coil into a bun shape. It helps to use your index finger to hold your bun in place while you wrap the hair around. Step 3: Now, using two large bobby pins, secure the bun into place. Play around with your bun by loosening or pulling different sections to get your desired shape. Once you’re satisfied, use small bobby pins to secure your bun. Step 4: Slip the end of a teasing brush or tail comb through your bun and gently pull outwards- this creates subtle shape and volume. If you would like added volume in the crown of your hair, do the same to create a subtle lift. Step 5: Now, just secure your look in place with finishing hairspray. The chignon is great style as the weather gets a little cooler and fall sweaters and boots take center stage, adding instant sophistication to any look. And the best part? This classic look will never be out of style. Take a look at this video and watch artist James Pecis and Paloma Elsesser step by step for the perfect Chignon.