Mermaid Braid

The mermaid braid is one of the trendy hairstyles. It's a French braiding method that just involves thinner hair strands to make a twist and leaving non-braided hair displaying through the spaces. This incredible mermaid braid will let you get compliments showering upon you. Anyone who knows how to create a basic three strand braid can recreate this hairstyle. This style looks excellent on medium or long hair. You will need: a) A few bobby pins b) A few rubber bands c) A curling wand Steps: a) Firstly, you need to divide a section at the top of your head and fix it with a rubber band. b) Pull out the tiny pieces gently. c) Make a three strand braid till you reach the end of this part and fix it with a rubber band. d) Curl a small part of hair as per your face. e) Twist the spiral and loop via the braided base. f) Now curl out another piece of hair below the top part, twist the curl towards the braid and cover around this curl via the middle of a braid. g) Repeat steps 4 to 6, create all till you reach the end of the braid. h) At last, fix the Braid together with a hair band. Use bobby pins as desired. Sources: hairsandstyles via Instagram