Snake Braid

Move over fishtail, there is a new braid that is about to take center stage. Enter the Snake Braid, a fresh and striking style that takes only 6 steps to complete, and can be paired with other hairstyle staples to completely change up your look. It’s perfect for the days when spending half an hour on flawless hair just isn’t in the cards, but you want to make a statement with a trendy look. The best new of all? It only takes about 5 minutes to complete. A how-to for a basic side Snake Braid: Step 1. Take a section of your hair and braid in the traditional, three strand style, separating into 3 separate sections and weaving together. Be sure not to braid your hair too tightly. Step 2. When you get about one to two inches from the ends of your hair, stop and separate the 3 sections. Step 3: Make sure the middle of the 3 separate sections is pinched between your thumb and index finger, and lightly pull the strand away from your head, creating tension. Step 4: Slide the other 2 sections of the braid up towards your scalp. Continue doing this for the entire length of your hair, until your braid meets your roots. Step 5: Begin loosening individual sections of the braid by slightly tugging. You can go as loose or as tight as you want here- but keep in mind, the looser braid will give you a more snake-like appearance. Step 6: Once you can see the ‘S’ formation, secure the ends of the braid with a bobby pin, and finish with hairspray. Voila! Looking for another way to rock the Snake Braid? Edge up your look with a messy bun, double sided snake braid look. A how to for the double-sided Snake Braid messy bun: Step 1. To begin, pull your hair into a messy bun, leaving out two-inch wide sections on each side of your face. To create the perfect messy bun, pull your hair into a ponytail, wrapping your hair tie around twice. On the third time, pull your ponytail only halfway through and tie your hair tie. Bring the ends of your hair toward the front of the bun to create an effortlessly undone look. Step 2: Pick one of the two-inch wide sections you left out of the messy bun and begin doing a traditional 3 strand braid. Using the guide above, repeat steps 1-5 to complete a snake braid. Step 3: Once your snake braid is complete, slid it towards your bun, being careful to preserve the S-shaped snake effect. Once happy with your braid, fasten it with a bobby pin and put the end of the braid in your messy bun. Step 4: Repeat Step 3 on the remaining two-inch section. Step 5: When your look is complete, be sure to finish with hairspray for extra hold. Keep in mind, the snake braid can be used to elevate a basic ponytail to the next level, as well. With the Snake Braid’s simplicity and versatility, It’s safe to say you’ve found your new hairstyle go-to. Don’t waste too much time before rocking this look. Take a look at these pictures from talented artist Source: N.starck.starck via Instagram, Sadiejcre8s via Instagram, Hairbyjaney via Instagram Take a look at these two snake braid tutorials!