Waterfall Braid

Add A Romantic Touch To Your Hair Via Waterfall Braids Waterfall Braid is also known as 'Fairytale Braid.' This cool hairstyle looks perfect for any hair and with any dress. And the best thing is that there are numerous variations of this hairstyle that looks incredibly cute. The waterfall braid is the gorgeous way to wear a braid as most of the hair is released down, and it seems like your hair becomes a hair accessory. Easy DIY Waterfall Braid Tutorial Steps: a) To begin your waterfall braid, first of all, take two sections of hair. b) Cross the section of hair along your hairline over another section. Note: You have to go away from your face. c) Now take a new section of hair from the top of your head and allow it to fall on the upper part of the piece you've just pulled away from the face. d) It's time to release the section of hair you just put so that to create a waterfall effect. e) Take the section of hair from the bottom and pull it over the waterfall section. f) Then take another piece of hair from the top of head to create another waterfall piece. g) Let it fall to the other pieces of hair. h) Repeat the procedure till it reached the back of the head as per your desired length of your waterfall braid and this will weave your one side. i) Now Extend the woven pieces of hair with a standard three strand braid and fix it with a rubber band. j) To veil the end of the braid, just tuck in under the layers in the back of your head by crossing the bobby pins (x shape). k) Finally, it’s time to release your layers over the braid. Variations of Waterfall Braid Steps: a) With a piece on the right side, select a section of hair on the heavy side and partition it into three parts. b) Cross the back strand across the middle and then pass the front strand over the middle. c) In the next step, cross the back strand over the middle and bring in a piece of hair mixing into the strand. d) Now, repeat step c with the forward strand. e) Repeat step c for the back strand. f) Split the front strand into two halves crossing one-half over the middle strand. g) Drop down the other half and select up a new section of hair including it into the passed over the piece. h) Repeat steps e and g until you've four strands hanging down. i) Now continue the similar steps, splitting the strand, crossing over the half, selecting up a new piece of Hair but then bring in the first waterfall strand and include it into the braid. j) Continue weaving till you reach the shoulder. k) Now stop dividing the first strand but keep bringing a Waterfall strand each time till you brought all the hair. l) Braid the remaining hair into the regular braid and tie off the bottom with a rubber band. m) Softly loosen the braid sides to look more voluminous. Dutch Waterfall Braid You will need: a) Brush b) Rat-tail comb c) 1 large hair Rubber band d) Hairspray (optional) e) Spray bottle Time needed: 5 minutes Skill level: Difficult a) Start by taking up a tiny section of hair from where you want to initiate the braid. b) Now partition this tiny section into three strands. c) Make a regular Dutch braid by taking the middle strand over the outer strands. d) After completing one stitch, now release the middle piece and fall it down out of the way. e) Now, take up a tiny section of hair to add back into the braid and then add it back as middle piece. Note: You have dropped the middle strand and just replaced it with a new strand in the exact similar location. f) Now pick up that middle strand and cross it over the outer bottom strand. It will make the outer edge that pops out of the braid. g) Add hair to the top outer strand and cross the middle strand over that one. h) After your second stitch completes, repeat steps e and g over and over again till you get the point where you want to end off the braid. i) Make a basic braid using the three remaining strands down the remaining hair and fix it with a rubber band. Loop Waterfall Braid Steps: a) Start with wet or dry hair and divide the hair in the middle. b) If the hair is silky, add a tiny amount of spray wan to the hair to add grip and texture apart from holding loops. c) Begin about 1 to 1. 5 inches back from the front of the hair, select a piece of hair and loop it around your pointer and middle finger, giving the loop a twist anti clockwise to make the first loop. d) Keep two fingers in the middle of the loop and pinch the falling strand with your thumb against your ring finger. e) Using two fingers take it via loop and take another similarly sized section of hair, pulling it half way through the first loop. f) Then, twist that hair anti-clockwise to make a second matching loop. g) Allow someone to hold the fallen strand of the first loop. h) Repeat steps d to f all the way across the back. i) Combine your last loop and pull the new strand wholly via the loop and let it fall. j) Using two tiny bobby pins to fix that loop in its position Note: Make sure you hide the bobby pins behind your hair. k) Softly adjust the falling strands if your loops have fallen out of shape. l) With the first strand the other person is holding, use two tiny bobby pins to fix the first loop in its position similar that you did on the another side. m) Add a hairspray if needed. http://renewed-style.com/how-to-make-a-waterfall-twist-braid/ Check out this waterfall braid step by step tutorial http://lovehairstyles.com/how-to-do-a-waterfall-braid/?utm_source=Pinterest&utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=AUTO-HowtoDoaWaterfallBraidStepbyStep&utm_content=-to-do-a-waterfall-braid-19-