Olaplex is two parts salon, one part do it yourself at home. Ending with three parts of complete success for your new luxurious hair. With Olaplex there are three parts. Three simple little parts that take time but really work. Two parts at the salon because they require an educated cosmetologist to monitor the serums. As well as carefully apply it to your hair so that no further damage happens. Step one: Damaged hair on a microscopic level kind of looks like an alien. Which also happens to look like a bunch of tiny hairs are coming off the end of your hair. Similar to a frayed rope. That shouldn’t happen. The first serum is called Bond Multiplier. It is an adhesive to bring all the frayed parts back together which will almost instantly make your hair look much better. A lot of stylist actually mix this serum with bleach when they are coloring a clients hair so that it doesn’t do as much damage, if any at all, to the hair. Step two: The second serum is called Bond Perfector. I mean your hair might already be pretty perfect but it is time to take it to the next level. I am talking about turning your hair into goddess hair. Beautiful waves, majestic shine. The Bond Perfector is going to seal in the Bond Multiplier. But the Bond Perfector will also need to be applied by a professional. If you’re coloring your hair, this is the part that will happen right after all the bleach has been rinsed out of your hair. It is going to strip any chemical components that might still be in your hair that can be causing damage. This is an essential step to having your hair done with the three steps. Here’s what you have to do at home Taking care of your hair by yourself at home can make you feel like a strong independent person. Whoever works on your hair will tell you that you will have to continue to apply the Hair Protector over a period of time. Step three: And lastly, your at home serum, the Hair Perfector, which you will be applying yourself. This is actually not just a one and done serum for you. The Hair Perfector is a serum that will need to be continually used on your hair to maintain perfection. That is why steps one and two have to be done by a professional. They may tell you in the end that you only need step one or maybe just the first steps. Enjoy your new Olaplex rejuvenated hair If your salon doesn’t use Olaplex, talk to them about and see if they will use it on you as soon as possible. Your hair will not regret it! To find out more ways on how to rebuild your hair check out our other articles related to repairing frayed hair, split ends, and any other kind of damage you can think of. http://www.modernsalon.com/article/35162/transformation-lighter-brighter-better http://sheerluxe.com/2017/03/16/beauty-hot-product-olaplex-home-treatment Sources: Olaplex, Beckym_hair via Instagram