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One of the very first things others notice about us is our hair. It’s one of the best ways to change up our entire appearance. Hair color is also a nice way to implement subtlety or a striking focal point. Root touch-ups may be part of your regular routine, depending on the desired effect. Root touch-ups are a way to update your current color by pigmenting any hair that has grown out over a period of time. Because our hair grows, the need for root touch ups is inevitable. We will take a look at some techniques and benefits of covering grown out hair and ways root touch ups may have an advantage over your overall look. Types of Root Touch Ups Though the benefits are similar, no two root touch ups are exactly the same, due to texture variances in hair. Depending on your hair type and maintenance level, you may opt for a spray, powder or permanent hair color. Spray root touch up is quick drying, so all you’ll need is a swift mist and you’re all set. Sprays are also usually highly pigmented so you’ll get the most out of your hair color. An added benefit is the precision nozzle that allows you to pinpoint exactly where to apply the product. Another quick way to even out your hair color is by the use of a powder, which looks like an eyeshadow, only it ’s specifically made for the hair. Powder cover-ups are usually shimmery to mimic the natural shine in hair and come complete with a small brush for easy application and won't fall onto your face. Powder touch-ups require little drying time and allow you to take it anywhere. If you’re unable to make it to the salon, there are tons of permanent hair dye kits available in stores or boutiques to offer everlasting color. This type of color is available in all tones and takes usually less than an hour to set. Once you’re done, simply rinse, condition and style. At home permanent color requires careful mixing, but a professional can customize the perfect tone for your styling needs. Before You Color Touching up your roots can be executed by a salon professional or in the comfort of your own home. However, a consultation with a salon colorist will entail preventative measures and possible looks that will best suit you. Technology also allows for hair color simulations in which computerized consultations will help you to see before and after images. Also known as virtual hair coloring, hair color simulations are ideal for playing around with various colors to find the best-suited one for you. Additionally, online consultations are available for those short on time but want more expert opinions about color. Online experts are readily available to help you with questions and answer them with their trained knowledge. Hair color consultations are also a way to get an idea of what you’re looking for, even if you’re not so sure. Try to find photographs of the color you have in mind, grays, face shape and skin tone will also be considered. Benefits of Dark Roots Sometimes, you may opt for a full root touch up for an even, sophisticated look. Other times, a full root touch up may not be necessary, as dark roots can add edge and a sportier aura. Also known as two-tone hair, the benefits of dark roots is less frequency in touch-ups, which over time saves money. Dark roots can even be sexy due to its casual appearance, especially when paired with soft waves. Formerly seen as taboo, darker roots can also be a matter of taste, which means that you may grow out your roots as long as you’d like, which adds up to healthier hair than if you periodically color your hair. For simpler root touch ups, opt for balayage or ombre, which can extend up to 12 weeks or as long as you’d like. Single processing, touch ups, on the other hand, should be done every 3 to 6 weeks. Root touch ups have changed over the years and more often than not, is up to the discretion of the wearer. Whether you prefer a casual, relaxed style or a more sophisticated and dramatic coloring, the best root touch- ups will always keep you gorgeous.



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