How To Increase Your Hair Volume

Injecting some volume into your tresses (whether you have fine or thick hair) will boost your confidence any day. It’s mathematical. So here are some very effective ways to pump up the volume. Nothing complicated, we promise.

  • Using hair products is a must, but make sure they all bear the word “volume” on the label. Volumizing shampoos, conditioners, mousses, sprays and any other effective product meant to give your hairstyle some extra pow are welcome.
  • The blow dry is extremely important if executed correctly. The best way to increase the volume is to blow dry in the opposite direction your want to wear your hair. You can also dry your strands with your head flipped upside down. It works!
  • Dry shampoo is your go-to product for va-va-volume. Spritz some to the roots and massage them before backcombing your mane. This product works its magic especially on second day hair. Impressive!
  • We always mention the importance of hair conditioner, but in this case too much will only weigh your hair down. Apply it only to the ends, avoiding the roots.
  • Curling your hair surely boosts things in the volume department. Take out your curling iron and make it work. Just don’t forget about the heat protectant. And if you find one that also holds your curls, even better!
  • Teasing hair also helps, so go on and backcomb as you please, adding volume exactly where you need it. It is important however that you detangle your hair before washing it otherwise you may end up with unwanted knots and even breakage.
  •  Last but not least, keep your hands off your tresses as much as you can. If you run your fingers through your hair too often you risk distributing your scalp oil through the hair, weighing it down and ruining the diva effect.

Do you have any personal tricks for creating insanely voluminous hair?

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