5 Hair Straightener Styles You Need To Try

Your trusty hair straighteners have kept you going for years, and you've now perfected getting your hair smooth and sleek in a matter of minutes. Have you considered using them to get a different look, though? There's lots of ways you can use those trusty flat irons to get a new and exciting look. Here's five new styles that you really need to try.
  1. Flipped Out Ends

This style is perfect if you have shorter hair, or even a bob. All you have to do is blow dry your hair on a low heat, using a round brush to get your hair smooth and sleek. Then, use a professional straightener on a low heat on the ends of your hair, to bend them slightly. That's all there is to it!
  1. Crimp Your Hair

The 90's are coming back in a big way, and there's nothing you can do to stop it. Crimped has been making an appearance on the catwalks, but you don't need an old school crimper to recreate the look. Instead, all you need are your flat irons. Take your set, and twist them back and forth as you run them down your hair. You'll get on trend crimps in no time.
  1. Beachy Waves

Do you want that carefree tousled look that comes with days on the beach? Then you can recreate it anytime with a flat iron ceramic set. All you have to do is braid your hair into two braids. Then, use your flat iron to press down on the braids, only for a second or two for each section, to avoid heat damage. When you undo your braids, you'll have gorgeous, beachy waves with no effort whatsoever!
  1. Create Curls

It sounds counter intuitive, but it's actually really easy to create curls using a flat iron. it's great if you don't want to buy a curling iron, or you're in a pinch when it comes to styling your hair. All you have to do is wrap your hair around one of the plates, and then clamp down on it for a few seconds. When you unwind your hair, you'll have perfect curls with almost no effort at all.
  1. Make Your Hair Chalk Pop

This is a slightly unusual tip, but there's a great way to make hair chalk really pop in your hair. All you have to do is put the color in as you would usually with chalk, and then seal it by running over it with a flat iron on low heat. It's perfect as it will make the chalk last longer, and look as though it's more permanent than it actually is.

ceramic flat iron

Tips For The Perfect Hair Style

No matter what you decide to do with your hair, you'll have to follow some steps to ensure that you get the most out of your style. Try these tips to keep your hair healthy and happy when you're styling it.
  • Use a heat protectant: Whatever style you're trying out, be sure to use some kind of heat protectant. It's an essential product as it protects your hair from the bulk of the heat damage it could receive. Try the argan oil heat protectant from our store, as it's an all natural product that will nourish your hair at the same time.
  • Divide your hair into sections: By doing this, you'll be able to style each part of your hair evenly. it saves time as you won't be going back over section to ensure they're done it also means you're saving your hair from possible heat damage.
  • Turn the heat down: Your ceramic flatiron doesn't need to be as hot as you think it does. Try styling your hair on a cooler setting, finding one that's as low as possible but still capable of straightening your hair. Doing this means you're not frying your hair with an unneeded high heat.

Get The Right Tool For The Job

If you want to start trying out new hairstyles, then you'll need a good quality hair styling tool to get the job done well. If you've been using your trusty old flat irons for years now, it may be time to switch it up. In the HSI online store, we have a superb range of flat irons that could be just the thing for you. They all have the same benefits for you:
  • HeatBalance technology: This exclusive technology ensures that your irons will never have 'hot spots' again, as it evens out temperature by monitoring the heat on your plates.
  • Auto shut off: Never worry about leaving your flat irons on again. All our models will shut off after a certain period of time after use.
  • Ceramic tourmaline plates: These plates will ensure that you get the smoothest hair possible, as they're the highest quality plates you can get.
  • Digital heat adjustment: Our straighteners feature digital temperature readouts. You can adjust them to get the perfect temperature for your hair, without having to crank the heat up high.

As you can see, there's lots of ways you can style your hair with your trusty flat irons. Give one of these styles a go and see just how amazing your hair can look. It's amazing just how many styles you can get with just one styling tool, isn't it?


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