5 Important Tips for Hair Care from HSI

Conditioners, shampoos, chemical treatments, and even certain foods are often recommended to maintain the health of your hair. Here at HSI, we understand how much our customers care about their hair. Bringing out the natural beauty of your locks is our focus on advising how to properly straighten hair to the type of products you should use to maintain its overall health over time. Caring for your hair doesn’t have to be a long and drawn out process and with a few of our tips, you’ll be able to enjoy healthy, full, and silky hair year around.
  1. Don’t Go for the Blow Dryer

One facet of haircare we have advocated in the past is maintaining the hair’s ability to retain moisture. While using a blow, the dryer is a necessity in some situations, allow your hair to air dry when possible. Using a blow dryer dries out the natural oils in the hair and makes it hard for it to retain moisture. Hair that is air dried maintains more moisture, is fuller and retains the natural oils that make it healthy. You can use a towel to soak up most the water if you’re just stepping out of the bath or shower. Be gentle when brushing your hair out when it’s wet, the strands are delicate at this stage and can be damaged easily.

Hair Care from HSI

  1. Using an All-Natural Oil

Our HSI Professional Hair Products are designed to revitalize and restore hair to its natural beauty. We encourage our customers to use our argan oil-infused hair care products or to even use a little of the pure oil on its own. Argan oil helps to naturally increase self-produce which helps hair to become fuller naturally. The oil is often recommended for moisturizing hair, the scalp, and even skin during the winter months. Using small amounts of the oil can help to tame frizz and make hair more manageable with continued use.
  1. Don’t Fear the Strands

When people see hair, strands falling out or in odd places they feel it’s a cause for concern. While in some rare cases it can be, don’t hit the panic just yet. The average person loses between 100 to 150 strands of hair a day. People with longer hair may notice their strands more frequently, but just remember it’s completely normal. When you see a couple of spare strands on your tiled floor just pick it up and toss it into the trash. Your hair will grow back over time.
  1. Paying a Visit to the Salon

While hair technically is not alive, the only exception being hair still located in the epidermis of the scalp, it’s still a good idea to trim your hair occasionally. Every six to eight weeks you should have at least ¼ the of an inch of hair cut off. Trimming your hair every few weeks helps to prevent split ends from growing out. Split ends are also one of the causes of frizz and can make your hair look messy. Trimming them regularly will help your hair to appear nice, healthier, and make it easier to maintain your hair.

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  1. Use the Strength of Cold Water

No one likes cold water in the shower, but it plays a vital role in helping to maintain the shine and strength of your strands. When you’re conditioning your hair instead of rinsing it out with warm water, use cold water instead. The cold water will improve the shine and strength of your hair while still retaining the effect the conditioner has on your hair.

Cold water may also aid in helping to keep your scalp moisturized if you’re used to taking hot showers. Hot water dehydrates the skin and can worsen conditions like dandruff. Using cold water after you’re done conditioning your hair will help to cut down on dandruff and prevent it from coming back while improving the appearance of your hair.

Our HSI Professional Hair Products are geared towards helping your hair to be healthier, shinier, and maintaining its natural beauty. We strive to provide the best high-quality products and tools on the market to help you achieve the look you want your hair.

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