6 Easy Prom Hairstyles

When you’re going to prom you want to make sure that your hairstyle is anything but ordinary – the problem with that is that everyone’s already seen it. Today we’ve come up with six of the easiest hairstyles that you can quickly put together before you walk out the door and into the limo, or at least through the doors of the high school.

Remember, you can have the best tools, including professional hair dryers, but they need to be supplemented with the best hairstyling skills – we have just what you need.


Style 1: The Low Twisted Bun

This is a great style for an open backed dress, which you were probably going to wear at prom, actually. Start by putting your hair into a ponytail and then separating that ponytail into three different sections. Take each section and braid, then separate section into two pieces and twist each section the opposite way. Wrap it around the base of your ponytail. Repeat this for all sections and you’re going to have a pretty amazing, not to mention easily achieved low twisted bun.

Style 2: CG Rope Pin Wheel Bun

For this one, you will put your hair into a high ponytail, and then you will use a bun maker, which can be obtained at any hair supply store. Put it on, pull the hair through, and then allow the hair to flip over the top. As a point of interest, this looks better if you do it wet, but this is, of course, completely optional. Once the hair is pulled through, comb it down until it comes out even, and then make a segment between two pots. Pick up a piece of hair, split it, and then twist it in opposite directions. You’re going to create a rope twist here, and once you’re done, you tuck it into the bun maker. Repeat this process around your head, and once done, you can add a bow below the bun for ultra-cuteness!

Style 3: Half Up Medieval Braid

Start by taking two chunks of hair from the front of your face and tie them at the back. You will repeat this with two more strands, and then take two thick strands of hair from underneath – tie in the middle. Repeat this process, tying the rest of your hair into a Dutch braid. It looks like a very complex hairstyle, but really, it’s quite simple. It’s also quite cute.

Style 4: Elegant Half Up Look

For this one you’re going to take a section of hair, then twist with the straightener 360 degrees around. Pull the straightener down. You will, however, start by brushing out the curls to loosen. Once done, take the section of hair from behind the ear, braid it, and then pull the rest of your hair into a ponytail. Pull the braid around the top of your head and pin behind your ear.

Style 5: Twisted Chignon

This one is a little more complicated but definitely worth it. It starts by dividing four sections of hair, clipping them out of the way. Once you ‘re done, separate the section of hair at the top of the head, then tie it off with a clear elastic band. Let the forward section of hair down on the left side, then bring back toward the elastic band. At the elastic band, you will lay it over the top and then wrap underneath. Pin on the left side using bobby pins.

You will repeat the exact same process on the right side of your hair, and then you will take the remaining hair down to tie into a low ponytail. Tie the section into a knot, and then twist the hair together so that you can wrap clockwise. While you are doing so, create a small gap and place two fingers through the gap, grabbing the tail. Pull the tail through the open space, then pin it against the hair with bobby pins. Place it on your bun and then hold that into place with bobby pins.

Style 6: Twisted Bun

For this one, you are going to take some hair from your crown section, and then tie it into a loose ponytail. Make a hole with your fingers, flip the hair through, and repeat. Pin it wherever you wish, and if you want to repeat the process, do the same with another ponytail below the existing one.

Hairstyles don’t necessarily need to be complicated, they can be easily achieved, and you don’t have to spend hours working on them right before prom – just make sure you practice a bit to get it perfect before the big night and use the best professional hair dryer to get your hair dry after a shower.

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