8 Life Changing Hacks For The Naturally Curly Girl

Being a curly girl comes with it’s own issues, but being a natural curly girl means you’ve got even more! Dealing with you natural hair can be tough at first, but with these easy, yet effective hacks for my coily and curlys, you’ll never need to panic again.

Here are 8 easy hair hacks to get you through your next natural hair crisis:

Hack 1: Detangle your hair BEFORE, DURING and AFTER you wash it. By detangling throughout the process of washing, it will make it easier to manage your hair and prevent it from breaking. Always use a wide tooth comb to run through your hair and keep it detangled while wet.

Hack 2: Don’t just shampoo, pre-poo. By pre-pooing your hair you give it extra moisture that just shampoo alone tends to wash out. You can create your own pre-poo by mixing 1 part your favorite carrier oil and 1 part your favorite conditioner.


Hack 3: Divide and conquer before you go to sleep. If you part your hair into 4 sections before you fall asleep, it will help to stretch your curls and keep hair from tangling and becoming matted up. Try using twists or chiney bumps to keep it cute.

Hack 4: Always use a leave-in conditioner. Natural hair is typically dry hair, and by using a leave-in conditioner you give it the extra moisture it needs to look healthy. Any conditioner can be a leave in, just don’t rinse it all out.


Hack 5:  Sleep on satin. Regular pillowcases can really dry out your hair. Even worse, it can catch onto your coils and cause them to break. Yikes! Switch your pillowcase to a satin one or use a satin head scarf to avoid the hair drama.

Hack 6: Use what’s in your kitchen. Your kitchen probably has a few oils you use for cooking that can also be good for your hair. Coconut oil, olive oil and avocado oil all make excellent moisturizers and natural conditioners. Mix half oil, half water and give your hair a spritz at the start and end of your day.

Hack 7: Avoid using brushes when possible. Coily hair can tangle and break easily, and sometime brushes can cause this. Detangle with your fingers or a wide tooth comb instead to prevent your curls from breaking off.

Hack 8: Comb from the tips, not the roots. Because of the intensity of the curls, natural hair is constantly tangling as you curls grow into each other. This makes it easy to break! Avoid this disaster and start combing out the tangles at the tips and work your way up to the roots.

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