4 Natural Hair Bloggers You Should Know

The natural hair movement continues to expand, and has become a mainstream trend in the beauty industry in just a few short years. More and more of top haircare companies are starting to take notice and cater their product lines towards black hair types. This is of course great news for curly girls, but natural hair care isn't easy! Fortunately, over the years an online natural hair community has formed and there are a lot of people to thank for creating this much needed space. 

As a fellow natural girl myself, I thought it would be great to spread the knowledge and also pay homage to some of the top natural hair bloggers (and vloggers) that so many of us naturalistas love! Here are my top 4 natural hair bloggers you should know:


Curly Nikki - @curlynikki

If you are a natural hair girl than you have definitely heard of super natural hair blogger Nikki Walton aka Curly Nikki. She is one of the top in her game, and if you search anything about natural hair her blog will probably be the first thing to pop up! Curly Nikki keeps it current with news related to natural hair, and tons of tips, tricks and DIY methods for sustaining healthy hair length. 


Jessica Pettway - @jessicapettway

Jessica Pettway is one of my favorite natural hair bloggers because she makes being a natural hair guru and mom look so fun and easy! In the past she faced some criticism for putting crotchet twists in her then two-year-old daughter's hair, but it hasn’t stopped her from creating informational, fun video tutorials for 4C hair type enthusiasts. Check her out!


My Natural Sistas - @mynaturalsistas

When I first came across My Natural Hair Sistas I was so excited because they really cover all aspects of the natural hair journey. These three natural sisters have created versatile do’s and don’ts of the 4C hair game, covering everything from shampooing and conditioning to achieving that poppin’ twist out!

Afrobella - @afrobella

Afrobella is not new to the natural hair blogger game, creator Patrice Grell Yursik started her blog almost 10 years ago. She has been helping people toward a healthy hair journey ever since, and her brand expanded rapidly to work with big names like MAC. But she stays true to her natural hair roots, continuously publishing advice for the natural girls with tight coils.


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