Get A Salon-Quality Bouncy Blowout at Home

bouncy blowout

Today we’re going from bland to bombshell with a voluminous bouncy blow out. Here's 19 steps to the perfect salon blowout.

  1. After washing the hair, apply HSI Thermal Protectant to protect the hair from heat damage. It’s not too heavy or sticky and works great with most hair types.
  2. Section off the hair in a straight horizontal line from the bottom.
  3. Apply product and comb through, to be sure it’s applied evenly.
  4. Section off the crown and spray the roots with root lift. This will help give your roots the lift to achieve maximum volume.
  5. Massage the product into the roots.
  6. Then section the hair.
  7. Section out the crown at a diagonal curve toward the back and secure with a clip. This is typically where we want the most volume.
  8. Begin blow drying with the HSI Dryonizer in one inch sections with a round brush.
  9. Focus the heat at the roots and guide the brush up and away from the scalp.
  10. The angle you pull your brush away from the head is always important. The higher the angle the more volume it produces.
  11. Also, always remember to blow the hair in the direction of the hair shaft to avoid any frizz. Using the nozzle attachment helps direct the airflow better.
  12. Continue with each section pulling up and away from the head.
  13. Once the ends are dry you can twist, wrap and place the hair to the side with the brush. This will set the hair to give it a bouncy feel.
  14. When you reach the crown section, over direct at the root to create more volume in that area.
  15. For this style, we want to twist and place the hair away from the face.
  16. Go back through the crown and spray the roots with hairspray
  17. Then backcomb in one inch sections to reinforce the volume.
  18. Finally, blend the waves by running fingers through the style.
  19. As an optional finishing touch, use some leave-in Argan oil treatment for a healthy looking shine.

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