A Look At Curling Wand Sets From HSI

Curling wands are the hottest new trend in hair styling right now, and with good reason. They can help you create effortless, natural looking curls that are right for any occasion. Whatever you're doing this party season, you should definitely have a curling wand in your hair styling arsenal. This guide will tell you all about what they are, and the wands on offer here at HSI.

What's the difference between a wand and a curling iron?

If you already own a curling iron, you may be wondering why you would want a curling wand as well. Are they not the same thing? In fact, they are not! They offer similar curling technology, but the outcome is a little different. A hair curl iron will give you more formal looking curls, that are perfect for formal events. They can come out much more defined with a curling iron.

A wand, on the other hand, will give you more natural looking curls or waves, depending on how you use it. This makes them great for creating every day looks that you can recreate effortlessly. Wands are also great as unlike an iron, they don't feature a clamp.

That means you can avoid the dent that sometimes occurs when you're using irons. This does mean that you need to hold your hair onto the barrel yourself. Most wands come with a heatproof glove, so you can hold it on safely.

Curling Wand Sets From HSI

HSI professional curling wands

Here at HSI we have a great range of professional grade curling wands, so you can pick the one that's right for you. Here's what we have on offer, and why you might want to pick them for your hair.

The Groover curling wand

This wand is the perfect tool if you want to get started with using curling wands. It's easy to use and heats up in seconds, so you're not hanging around waiting for it to be the perfect temperature. It even features a digital display, so you can see when it's reached the perfect temperature. The barrel is made from ionic ceramic, and coated in tourmaline.

These materials are the optimal ones to use in any heated styling tool. That's because it allows the heat to be distributed evenly throughout your hair. You won't be going back over the same sections and you won't need to hold it on your hair for so long, so you avoid the risk of heat damage. The best part about the ceramic barrel is that your curls will last much longer normal, and will shine all day. You'll have fantastic hair with none of the effort.

The Groover curling wand set

Everyone's hair is different, so why would you expect the same curling wand to work on everyone? That's the thinking behind our Groover curling wand set. This wand features four differently sized barrels, so you can swap in the barrel that works best with your hair. Use a smaller barrel for tighter curls, or a bigger one for looser, more relaxed curls. This curling wand also has all the features of the Groover curling wand, so you get the fast heat up, even heat distribution, and the fantastic curls.

The Groover tapered curling wand

Tapered hair curler wands are the perfect tool for you if you want gorgeous, natural looking beachy waves. The shape of the barrel means you'll look as though you just came in from a day at the beach, even if you've never been anywhere near the sand.

The Groover tapered wand, as with all our wands, has Heat Balance infrared technology. Your wand will monitor the temperature of the barrel every five seconds, and either bring the heat up or down depending on your needs. That way, you'll get perfectly even curls every time, without the heat damage.

The Glider brush straightener

If you're looking at our Groover products, you'll see that at the moment you can order our curling wand set you can get this brush thrown in as part of the deal. A hair straightening brush is the easiest way to straighten your hair, and the Glider features the same Heat Balance technology as our Groover wands. They're also great for prepping your hair before you start curling it. Starting with straight hair means that you'll have super smooth and silky hair, so your curls will be smooth and sleek. Take advantage of the offer while you can!

curling tips

Some quick curling tips

Now you have your professional curler, you'll need to know the best way to use it. Here's some tips to getting the best results.
  • Use heat protectant: As careful as you are with your wand, you can inflict heat damage on your precious hair if you're not careful. Be sure to use a heat protectant before you start curling. We recommend the Argan Oil Heat Protectant found in our store.
  • Section your hair out: Curling in sections means you won't be going over the same areas over and over again, saving time and your hair from burns.
  • Be speedy: Each section of hair only needs 10 seconds or less to get a proper curl. Don't hold your hair on the barrel for much longer, or you can damage it.

Now you know everything about our wands, pick the right one for you and get styling. You won't regret picking one up!  


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