Advanced Tips for Flat Iron Users

If you’ve been using a flat iron for a while to straighten your hair, then you probably already know the basics. You know that when using a professional straightener you need to start with clean, dry hair, that you need to apply a heat protectant and that you should glide the flat iron through small sections of your hair, being careful not to stop in one place to long. And you’ve probably already researched and purchased a flat iron that works optimally with your hair type. But for truly professional results, and to help prevent damage to your hair, you could probably benefit from knowing some advanced tips. Here are six things that you might not know about using a flat iron straightener.

HSI Flat Iron Tips

  1. Start your straightening in the shower. Shampoos and conditioners that are labeled "smoothing" can help prepare your hair for the straightening process by providing extra moisture. To get the best effects, use a paddle brush to comb the conditioner through your hair. Rinse your hair gently and then pat it downwards with a towel rather than rubbing it with the towel. Shampoos and conditioners made with argan oil generally offer superior results for pre-straightening conditioning.
  1. Learn to blow dry your hair correctly. The heat from a blowdryer can cause as much damage to your hair as can an incorrectly used flat iron straightener. To dry your hair in the gentlest manner, shake the dryer back and forth over your hair until your hair is nearly dry. Be sure to keep the nozzle of the hair dryer facing down to prevent frizz. After your hair is nearly dry you can either apply your heat protectant and let your hair air dry or you can gently blow dry it out smoothly.
  1. Eliminate build up on your professional straightener. If your flat iron straightener has build up on it from the products you use it could cause your hair to burn. It’s best to clean your flat iron regularly. Simply wipe a cloth or paper towel dampened with rubbing alcohol over the cooled prongs to remove the build up. If you see steam or hear sizzle when you are straightening your hair, stop and let the flat iron straightener cool off and then clean it.
  1. Make sure the temperature on your professional straightener is at the appropriate setting. Sure, higher temperatures can make the straightening process faster but higher temperatures can damage your hair. Use temperatures in the 300 to 350 degree F range for fine hair and damaged or color-treated hair. Coarse hair needs higher temperatures.
  1. Use a light hold hairspray. If you need to keep your hair from frizzing or curling up after you have finished straightening it use a light hold hairspray rather than products with silicones or oils. Make sure to let your hair cool down first. Then spray a boar-nylon brush with the hairspray and comb it through your hair for even application.
  1. Learn to use helpful flat iron straightener accessories. There are a wide variety of accessories available for professional straighteners, including flat iron combs, heat resistant stands, travel pouches, and heat resistant hair straightener gloves. A flat iron comb, for example, not only detangles like a regular comb, but it also separates strands evenly to prep them for straightening so that you can use one hand to comb your hair and the other to follow along with your flat iron. Heat resistant stands keep your flat iron from burning your countertop or a towel when you set it down. Hair straightener gloves are handy for keeping your hands from getting burned when the flat iron straightener handle heats up.

Where to Get the Best Hair Care Products Available

Best Hair Care Products

At HSI Professional, we offer all of the products you need to create salon quality hair styles right at home. You’ll find a wide assortment of products for treating your hair to make it as shiny and healthy as can be. You’ll also find all of the tools you need for professional styling. When it comes to hair care products, we carry a full line of argan oil-based smoothing shampoos, smoothing conditioners and leave-in treatments. Argan oil is a natural plant-based oil made from the fruit of the Moroccan argan tree.

It is widely known for its ability to nourish your hair, leaving it shiny, smooth and healthy. Plus, argan oil is lightweight and non-greasy enough to be used as an every day shampoo. Our line of professional styling tools include professional straighteners with ceramic or tourmaline-coated wands. All of our flat iron straighteners include super accurate digital displays for heat temperature.

We even offer compact flat irons that are perfect for traveling. In addition to our professional straighteners, we also offer a complete line of flat iron accessories and just about any type of brush that you might need for styling your hair. We also offer a wide assortment of curling irons and blow dryers and we even offer economical kits that are designed to meet popular styling needs such as curling kits, travel kits, drying kits, brush sets and more.

In fact, if you can’t find it at HSI Professional, then you probably don’t need it! We guarantee that you’ll be pleased with the hair care products we offer. Your hair will thank you for making it healthy and beautiful!

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