Argan Oil For Hair - What's The Benefit?

The latest miracle treatment found in the beauty world is argan oil. Revered for its skin and hair saving properties and lauded as an all natural alternative to your usual beauty products, you may be wondering what it can do for you. This guide will tell you all about where the oil comes from, what it does and how you can use it.

argan oil products for hair

The origins of argan oil

Argan hair oil only comes from one place in the world. Argan trees grow in Morocco, and produce nuts which the oil is pressed from. Women in the region have been using the oil for years to keep their skin and hair healthy, but it's only recently that the rest of the world has been let in on the secret.

The region the argan trees grow in is unique, so much so that UNESCO declared the area a protected biosphere in 1998. The oil is considered to be precious as the plants are so slow growing, but thanks to the huge industry that has now developed around argan oil, it's not hard to get hold of this treatment for yourself.

What argan oil can be used for

Argan oil can be used either internally or externally, depending on what you need it for. Taking a teaspoon internally twice a day is said to lower your cholesterol and boost your immune system. Many use it to moisturize their skin, soothe rashes and fend off acne. Many people now are using argan oil products for hair. They've found that it makes it look and feel better than it ever has before.

The main benefits of using argan oil on your hair

Argan Hair Oil

There's a wide array of reasons why you'd consider using argan oil treatment for your hair. Here's just some of the benefits you can gain by using it.

  • Excellent moisturizing: Argan oil is used in the most part because it's such an excellent moisturizer. If you have a bottle of 100% argan oil, you only need a few drops to help condition your entire head of hair. That's why it's often used in hair conditioners. Even combined with other ingredients, it can have an amazing effect on your hair.
  • Boost hair growth: Argan oil is packed full of Vitamin E, something your hair can really benefit from. It promotes healthy hair growth by giving the hair cells a real boost. If you're suffering with hair loss it can help strengthen the hair you have and even promote new growth. People with thin hair swear by it as a way to help strengthen their hair.
  • Natural hair care: You may be looking into changing up your beauty routine and going with products that are all natural. If that sounds like you, then argan hair oil may be the way to go. It's an all natural product, so there's no worry that it's cut with other ingredients that you can't pronounce or don't understand.
  • Minimize frizz and split ends: People with frizzy hair or split ends swear by argan oil. A few drops in your hands are enough to smooth hair back without weighing it down, like most hair products designed to tame frizz. It's great at minimizing split ends too, so you'll have to cut your hair less often. That's good news if you're trying to grow your hair out!

Uses for argan oil

There's all kinds of uses for professional hair oil. Here's just a few that you can use argan oil for. It's such a versatile oil that you'll only need one bottle for all these tasks:
  • Hair conditioner: After washing your hair, rub a few drops of argan oil into your hair. It'll be enough to condition all of it and leave it soft, supple and shiny.
  • Hair styling product: Instead chemical laden hair styling products, use argan oil instead. It helps give your hair shine and curls definition, without damaging the hair itself.
  • Treatment for dry scalp: Suffer from dry scalp or dandruff? Rub some oil into your scalp and hair, leave over night, and wash in the morning. After a couple of weeks, you'll really see the difference in your hair. Remember to use a shower cap while you're sleeping in order to keep oils off your pillow.
  • Heat protection: Fan of heated styling tools? Who isn't? Switch out your normal heat protection spray for argan oil. It will help deflect some of the heat coming from your tools, and mitigate a lot of the damage that they can do. You'll be getting extra moisture every time you use it, which is just an added bonus.

As you can see, argan oil is the natural multi tool of the hair care world. Try it for yourself and you'll really see the difference.


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