Argan Oil for Hair – Why It’s Good for You

If you’ve been exploring the world of hair products at all, then you already know that many of them contain a substance known as Argan oil, but what you might not know, is what it actually does. Why is Argan oil for hair good for you exactly? How can you benefit from professional hair oil? Is it really worth the extra money? We would definitely say yes, but still, you want to know why. There are many hair care products out there, as you already know, but not all of them are outstanding, and some may cause more harm than good.

We’re going to start this off by saying that Argan oil is without a doubt one of the best solutions out there for both men and women, and most of its therapeutic properties are the responsibility of the Vitamins A and E which are contained within. Vitamin E, for example, contains tocopherol which can elevate cell production and even regenerates hair follicles. Finally, it penetrates the hair strand, nourishing keratin.

Argan oil for hair is also well known for the anti-oxidative products that it is able to boast; it includes Omega-6 and Linoleic acid, both of which help to give the hair back the shine it may have lost due to over-styling, weather, aging, or color treatments gone awry. Now that you know why Argan oil is important, does it help with hair growth at all?


Does Argan Oil for Hair Help with Hair Growth?

The wrong question is being asked here, actually. Does Argan oil help to increase hair growth? The truth is that while it does, it’s not direct. What you will have is an improvement in scalp health which indirectly cause hair growth. SO now for your next big question: what is scalp growth and why is it important?

Nourishing Hair Follicles

For hair to successfully grow to its full potential, the follicles need to be nourished and blood needs to be flowing properly to them. This will help the follicles to get the nutrition they need, which is the process that Argan oil helps to facilitate.

Check Out Our Products

If you head over to our store and look at our product line you will notice that while we don’t sell straight Argan oil, the vast majority of our hair care products are based on it. Some of our most popular options right now include our shampoo and conditioner, which are necessary for proper hair care, but we also offer several optional products that will really bring your hair to the next level. Let’s take our leave in conditioner, for example.

This is a great product that helps to shield your hair from a wide variety of elements, all of which are brought on by the world around us. Most importantly, the leave in conditioner will be able to shield your hair from humidity which would have otherwise caused frizz –you can already see how it’s going to be beneficial to you. Other products include our serum and hair mask, both of which will keep your hair in good condition regardless of the conditions outside.

These, alongside a heat protectant for your hair, all based on Argan oil, will serve to give you an outstanding experience and keep you coming back for more. If you like our products, don’t hesitate to sign up for the subscription box (Carebox) which will deliver your favorite products right to your door at a discount, with the first full box order giving you one of our high-end ceramic hair straighteners absolutely free. That’s one opportunity that you don’t want to miss, for both your wallet and your hair.

Get the Right Products for your Hair Health

There are few things more important than promoting your hair health, and that means making sure that you are getting the right products every single time. Our Argan oil for hair is a great way to encourage scalp health and bring more volume to your hair! Check it out and enjoy the results!


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