Hair Hacks: 5 Beauty Editor Approved Hair Tips and Tricks

HSI Beauty Editor Tips

Beauty Editor Approved Hair Ideas
Who better to know the secret to a good hair day than a beauty editor? These ladies spend their days talking to celebrity hairstylists all day long and trying out the latest products and hair tools. We scoured the web to pull the best secret hair tips and tricks from beauty editors. Here, our favorite hairstyle tricks.


HSI Glider Ceramic Flatiron

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How to Disguise Dirty Hair
Beauty editor Kristin Perrotta tells Allure: "The key here is to create some volume at the roots. Before bed, grab the hair on the top of your head—about four inches in diameter—and use a snag-free elastic to fasten it into a ponytail, like Pebbles Flintstone. In the morning, take down the ponytail and smooth out any kinks with a flatiron. Then slide your sunglasses on like a headband—because they don't press hair flat against your skull, they'll actually disguise greasy roots." To smooth out the kinks, try the HSI Ceramic Glider Ceramic Flatiron


HSI Blow Dryer

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Try an Upside Down Blow Dry for Voluminous Hair
Claire, acting web editor at Cosmopolitan says: "I have really fine hair, so I always blow-dry mine upside-down. It helps add a bit of body without clogging the roots up with sprays and products." Try the HSI Dryonizer 2200 hair dryer.


Dry Shampoo tip

Use Dry Shampoo at Night
Self beauty editor Rachel Jacoby Zoldan says: "A good spritz of dry shampoo can work wonders to help you stretch out your last hair washing, but I've found a genius way to do more than your average emergency oil mop-up before heading to work. I've found it to be FAR more effective if I work in some dry shampoo, like Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal + Biotin Dry Shampoo ($24,, and tie my hair up in a loose bun before hitting the sack. It really gives the dry shampoo time to work its magic—absorbing the oils in my scalp, giving my thin hair a bit of volume—and also avoids the dreaded powdered part that's the dead giveaway you haven't washed your hair in a while." 


Wavy Hair Tips

How to Air Dry Straight Hair to Make it Wavier
This genius tip comes from Glamour digital beauty editor Lindsay Schallon"I picked up this trick from Harry Josh, the stylist behind Gisele's iconic waves, years ago and haven't looked back. My hair is flat and fine and rarely holds a bend, but doing this makes it air-dry into an easy wave with just the right amount of movement—it doesn't even need any product to stay. It's saved me on countless mornings when I run out of time to do my hair."

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