Beyond The Flat Iron: The Benefits Of A Straightening Brush

You've seen straightening brushes popping up everywhere recently. They're online, they're in your salon, they're in stores. They're the newest thing in hair styling tools, and they're tempting. After all, you're getting fed up with your flat irons and want to try something new. Is a straightening brush going to live up to the hype? Read on to find out.

Sometimes A Flat Iron Is Just Too Much Work

Flat irons are a brilliant and versatile tool, but they can be a serious pain. You have to wait for them to heat up, section out your fair, and carefully run the plates over every section to get the look you want. That's a long and laborious task if you're busy in the morning. You've got to get out to work, or get the kids to school. Who has time for it?

How The Straightening Brush Works

A straightening brush could be just the ticket if you're looking to swap to a new styling tool. They're similar to flat irons in many ways, but they make the job of straightening your hair a cinch. As with flat irons, you need to use a heat protectant and section out yoiur hair, but the process of straightening out your hair is much quicker. All you do is run the brush through once or twice, and that section is done. It's as a simple as that. A straightening brush work in a similar way to flat irons, in that they have a plate that is heated up and ran through their hair in order to style it. However, the plate doesn't make direct contact with the hair, and the brush creates a simple way of getting that plate through your hair. As an alternative to flat irons, they're a serious contender.

The Benefits Of A Straightening Brush

So, why would you pick a heated straightening brush over a set of flat irons? There's a good few reasons why you should consider it:
  • Quick to use: If you're sick of spending ages doing your hair in the morning, get a straightening brush. They take most of the elbow work out of styling your hair, which means you can get out of the door faster.
  • Anti frizz: If you struggle with frizzy hair, a straightening brush can be a life saver. Give your hair a quick swipe with the brush before you leave the house, and it will be sleek and shiny.
  • Safer than irons: Flat irons have exposed hot plates, which they need in order to straighten your hair. However, those plates are easily touched by you, causing burns and other injuries. The bristles on a straightening brush mean that you can't easily touch the hot plate, saving you from burned fingers.
  • Cheaper to buy: A straightening brush is often much cheaper than a flat iron set, meaning that it's a better investment if you're on a budget. You'll still get excellent results but you'll pay a lot less for them.
  • Can be used every day: Flat irons come into direct contact with your hair, so if used often enough they will strip moisture out of the hair shaft. If you're trying to limit the damage done to your hair, try a straightening brush instead. The heated element doesn't touch the hair directly, meaning that you can use the brush every day for a sleek look.
  • Preserve your hair's volume: Unlike flat irons, a brush won't flatten out your hair and make it look lifeless. It straightens the hair without affecting the shape of it. If you have fine hair, it's a great way to straighten it without losing the volume you work so hard to get.
  • Less heat damage: If you have damaged hair, you may think that you can't straighten your hair any more until you grow it out. In fact, you still can! A straightening brush does much less damage to the hair, so you can still look great while waiting for damage to grow out.

The HSI Glider Brush

If you've decided that a straightening heated brush is the way forward for you, then you'll love the HSI Glider brush. This is the ultimate in styling brushes, and has every feature that our flat irons have too.

These features include a ceramic tourmaline infused plate for healthy hair, an auto shut off feature for safety, HeatBalance technology to avoid heat damage, and a digital temperature control so you can fine tune just how much heat your hair takes.

It's worth trying a straightening brush, as they really get results with much less effort. If you're the kind of person who's always busy, give one a whirl. Once you've tried it you'll never go back, we promise.

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