Bring Out Your True Style With A Heated Straightening Brush

The next big thing in hair styling is sure to be the straightening brush. These are being sold in salons everywhere, and we have a great model in our store. However, if you're devoted to your flat irons, do you want to switch to one? Here's why they're a great alternative, and why you may consider switching.

Straightening Brush

What Is A Straightening Brush?

Ok, so what is a straightening brush? It's a brush that has a hot plate on it, that's designed to straighten out your hair as you brush it. It will have many of the same features that your flat irons have, such as temperature settings, a multiway cord, and the same ceramic plates. To all intents and purposes, it would work just like a regular paddle brush until you turn it on.

How The Brush Works

A straightening heated brush works similarly to your flat irons, too. You use them by turning them on and picking a temperature, based on what your hair can usually take. The plate heats up, and then all you do is brush your hair with it. As with your flat irons, you do need to take some precautions when using the brush.

Firstly, you need to use a heat protection spray to ensure your hair doesn't take any dame. You'll also need to be careful not to touch the hot plate, to avoid injury. Finally, you'll need to ensure you don't brush the same section of hair several time to avoid heat damage. It's recommended that you brush out hair first to remove tables, before using a straightening brush.

Why Use A Brush Over Flat Irons?

So, if both tools work in similar ways, why would you choose a brush over a flat iron? There are several reasons why you might feel that it's right for you:
  • Quicker to use: A flat iron takes more prep time and you have to section your hair out as you use it. A brush is much simpler, and allows you to just run it through your hair for a complete style in minutes.
  • No hot spots: Unlike flat irons, straightening brushes don't suffer from hot spots on the plates. That mean you can't burn sections of your hair without knowing it.
  • Can be used daily: A brush doesn't let the plate come into direct contact with the hair, so you're not stripping out moisture by using it. Therefore, you can use the brush every day with no worries about your safety.
  • Cheaper to buy: A straightening brush is usually cheaper than flat irons, so if you're on a budget then this would be the tool for you.
  • Safe to use: Flat irons come with the risk of burns, if you accidentally touch the hot plates. With a brush, it's much harder to touch the hot parts during styling so you're kept safe from burns.

Straightening Brushes Are Perfect For The Busy Woman

HSI Professional Glider Brush

A heated straightening brush is the perfect tool if you're a woman with little time on her hands. You're rushed off your feet at work, busy looking after your kids, and have an active social life. If any of this sounds like you, you don't have time to sit with the flat irons every day. The straightening brush could be the best change you'll ever make to your styling routine. Switch the irons out for the brush and you'll find that you can shave minutes off your routine every morning. You'll also get all the other benefits too, such as cheaper tools, daily use, and less damage to your hair.

Try The HSI Glider Brush

Convinced that a straightening brush is for you? Then check out the excellent brush we have for sale in our store. The Glider straightening brush comes with all of the features of our flat irons, all in a handy brush form.
  • Auto shut off, so you'll never worry about leaving your styling tools on again.
  • HeatBalance technology, that prevents certain spots on the plate from becoming too hit.
  • Digital temperature display, so you can fine tune how hot your brush gets.
  • Ceramic tourmaline infused plates, to give you the best finish to your straightened hair.
  • Fast heat up time, so you can get started right away.

They're a bargain at $79.99, and you can get free shipping on these too. You'll even get a one year warranty on the brush, so you're safe in the knowledge that you're buying a quality product. As you can see, there's lots of reasons why you'd want to start using a straightening brush in your every day hair care routine. Give one a try, and you'll see just what a great look you can get with very little effort.


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