Bringing A Curl To Your Perpetually Straight Hair With HSI Products

Having beautifully straight hair is great. You never need to use flat irons, and you can have a smooth and sleek style without almost any fuss at all. However, sometimes you can just get bored of your hair. Everyone needs a change every now and again, so why not try something different? Even if you feel that your hair can't hold a curl, you'd be amazed by what the range of HSI Professional products can do. Here's everything you'll need to get that mane of curly locks.

You CAN Have The Curls You've Always Dreamed Of

Think your hair can't hold a curl? Think again. Anything is possible, and hair is highly malleable. It's knowing the right tricks and using the right products that will get the results that you desire. Anyone can have beautiful curly hair, and we're here to show you how it's done.

HSI Professional Curling Wand

Here's The HSI Products You Will Need

We have plenty of HSI Professional Hair Products that will get your hair looking amazing, and protect it in your quest for the perfect curls. Here's all the products and tools you can choose from.
  • HSI Argan Oil Leave In Hair Treatment: The first thing you'll need when creating a new style is healthy, loved hair. One of the best ways to get this is with a leave in treatment. Ours contain argan oil, which is nothing short of a miracle worker. It will nourish and moisturize your hair, leaving it ready for anything you can throw at it.
  • Argan Oil Heat Protectant For Hair: This product is an absolute must if you're bringing heated styling tools anywhere near your hair. It works by leaving a layer of product between your hair and the styling tool, reducing damage and making sure moisture stays locked in your strands. The best bit is that argan oil is a mote natural substitute for the silicone found in most hair protectants.
  • The Dryonizer: Our specialist blow dryer is the perfect tool to get your hair dry, before you start styling it. It comes in several different versions, all of which feature HeatBalance infrared technology that ensures the dryer doesn't become too hot and fry your hair. They come with multiple heat settings, so you can pick the one that's right for you and your hair.
  • The Groover: This hair curling wand range has all the other curling irons you've ever owned beat. A curling wand has lots of advantages over irons, including the fact they produce much more natural looking curls. This is great when you're just looking for a more every day look for your hair. You can buy several versions of the Groover, but they all come with a heatproof glove, and the HeatBalance technology that you'll find in all of our styling tools.

How To Get Those Curls

HSI Professional Hair Products

Now you know what you need, how do you get those perfect curls? Here at HSI we know the way to get those curls every time. Here's your guide to using your tools correctly and getting the results you want.

  • Prep your hair: Dry your hair after a shower thoroughly, ensuring you point the blow dryer down the shaft to get your hair as smooth as possible.
  • Use the heat protectant spray: Once your hair is dry, use the heat protectant spray on your hair. This is one step you must never skip, as without it the heat from your curling wand could damage your hair.
  • Section your hair out: Divide your hair into sections. Doing this means you can see at a glance which sections you have curled already, and which ones you have left to do.
  • Switch on your curling wand: Switch your curling wand on and set it to the right temperature. It should be as low as you can go and still get a good curl from it. Let the wand heat up.
  • Get curling: Take one section at a time, then wrap it around your wand. You only need to hold the hair on for a few seconds to get the effect you need. If you need longer, or it's not working, it could be one of two things. You'll either need to turn the heat up higher, or make your sections smaller.
  • Pin your curls up: Once you've curled a section, pin it up and onto your head. This will stop the curl dropping out as it cools.
  • Unpin and enjoy your hair: Once your hair is cool, unpin the curls and let them drop. Run your fingers through your hair to separate them out and make them look more natural. And there you have it!
That's all you have to do to get beautiful curly hair! Anyone can have curls, no matter what your natural hair is like.

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