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How does your hairstyle reflect your personality?  And what does your hair say about you? Many people do not realize that their hair says a lot about who they are as a person.  Personality, interests, favorite colors, styles, etc. are all evident by the type of hairstyle a person chooses.  A red Mohawk or green braids along half of a shaved head says quite a bit about the person.  It seems reasonable to assume that red and green are their favorite colors.  Both Mohawks and shaved heads tell us that the individuals want to be just that – individual.  They will not fit in, they do not want to conform to the norm of society.  They might have a few rebellious or stubborn traits, but most importantly, they want to be noticed, and they want to be unique.

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Women with pixies, mid-length hair, usually layered, straight, or curled, colored blonde or brunette typically just want to fit in.  They want to look “normal” and not draw unnecessary attention to themselves.  They like fashion and enjoy keeping up with the latest trends, looking beautiful as they do.  These are younger to middle-aged women. Women with medium to long hair, often blonde and brunette, either straight or with beach waves, want to fit in, yet, be sexy at the same time.  Two-toned hair is especially sexy and attention-grabbing.  They want to be noticed, but not like the red Mohawk.  They, too, are very into fashion and the latest trend.  They switch hairstyles often – curling, straightening, and braiding, and undoubtedly have an array of supplies – a curler or two, a ceramic flat iron, etc.  These are typically teenagers, and young adults.

Women whose hair is usually tied up in a bun, a tucked braid, or cut short are usually members of the armed forces. Women with bobs and unlayered hair, usually brunette or blonde, are not as into fashion.  They also do not want to draw attention to themselves.  They tend to be a little old-fashioned (in a good way) by maintaining the hairstyles they have had for the last fifteen years.  They figure that it has always worked for them so far, so why change it?  It has become who they are – part of their personality. 

These are often middle-aged to older women. Men are a little harder to gauge.  Men with shaved hair on the sides and longer, combed or moussed hair on top, or with a man bun, are also into fashion and appreciate the latest styles.  They like to blend in while being attractive. Men who have buzz cuts and grow it out again, or have longer hair that is combed down, or just left by itself, are often a little old-fashioned.  Again, their hair has always been like that, so they see no reason to change it.  It’s who they are.

Why a ceramic tourmaline ionic flat iron is a must-have

ceramic tourmaline ionic flat iron

In order to get many of these fabulous looks and styles, you will need a ceramic tourmaline flat iron.  It is so incredibly diverse.  If you know how to use it well, there really is not a hair style you cannot make happen with it.  From straight hair, to gentle waves, to a pouf at the crown, to a ponytail, etc.  Look sexy no matter where you go, and you only have to take one styling tool along.  No more carrying around bags full of clothes, makeup, and hairstyling tools.  Just put the straightener in its pouch in your bag, and off you go.  It is as easy as that.

Another wonderful feature this straightener has is that it is a flat iron with auto shut off.  This means that no matter where you are, whether at home, or on the go, the straightener will never get too hot and catch fire.  Designed to shut off when it reaches a certain temperature, the straightener has a built-in safety system so that you are always safe.  We want our customers to be satisfied and safe, so we are always making new adjustments.  The ionic ceramic hair straightener has many heat settings and works well for most types and textures of hair.

The dos and don’ts of the ceramic tourmaline hair straightener

Always remember to start off at a lower temperature and work your up – otherwise, you could melt off your hair.  Never try to straighten your hair while it is wet as it may begin boiling the hair.  Always brush out hair before straightening.  Only leave the hair in the straightener for no more than 10 seconds.  Always start from the roots and work your way down to the ends.  Keep the straightener moving – stopping with the hair still clamped in the iron could cause the hair to melt or burn.

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