Common Hair Mistakes You’re Already Making

Common Hair Mistakes

Hair is a complicated affair, without a doubt, but at some point, something has to give. You know that you’re doing something terribly wrong, and you might not entirely know how to fix it, which isn’t surprising. Like we said, hair is complicated. Fortunately, there are a few things that you should rather easily be able to recognize as your hair in the morning, or any other time of day, really.

A Few Things HSI Thinks You’re Wrong with your Hair

Okay, so we’re not saying that you’re doing all of these things wrong, definitely, but there are probably a few that you’re guilty of, so we’re going to start from the top, and hopefully, help you to completely avert that utter hair disaster that you’ve been dealing with.

Wet Styling is a No No

If you’ve been styling your hair wet, then you absolutely, positively need to stop it. Did you know that using a brush or comb on wet hair will actually cause your strands to snap? That’s right, it will, and that’s definitely not something that you want. If you must detangle your hair, use your fingers. Yes, we know, you have the urge to run a brush through it, everyone does, and it might feel good, but those little snapping sounds you hear as you run the brush through, are probably your strands breaking.

Stop Tightening the Pony Tail

As HSI we’ve seen it more than once: people tighten their ponytails way too much, and as a result, they get serious breakage. So, with that being said, you will want to make sure that you are not over tightening your ponytail – it might tempting, but there are better ways to get the look you want. Remember, if you pull too tight you will cause stress at the hairline which could contribute to hair loss sooner than you think. Also remember that if you wear your hair in the exact same style every single day, you’re probably going to experience more hair breakage. Switch it up every once in a while!

Stop Flat Ironing Every Single Day

You probably already know that heat can damage your hair, but you’re likely still flat ironing every single day, which is an absolutely no-no. If you must, however, turn the temperature down, and as always, make sure that you are using a heat protectant. If possible, skip the heat styling entirely. If you want to take it down a notch, try using a hairdryer and a vented brush in lieu of a flat iron – it works wonders.

You’re Bleaching too Often

If you have a recurring bleaching appointment then you’re doing things wrong. Seriously. Bleaching can turn your hair brittle, and with that being the case, you ‘re going to want to find some natural ways to lighten your hair. If you want to take it a step further, try the ombre look. It looks great, and it switches things up a little bit.

You’re Skipping Haircuts

We can’t say this enough: you need to make sure that you are cutting your hair regularly. If you’re trying to grow your hair you then this probably seems a little bit redundant, but getting rid of the split ends before they work their way up the shaft and cause a serious problem. Head to your local salon and ask for a trim rather than a full haircut – they’re usually not that expensive.

You Need to Watch your Sleeping Habits

Here’s a serious question: do you toss and turn in your sleep? No really, we want to know, because if you do, then there is a good chance that you’re completely messing up your hair, and that’s not a problem that you want to deal with in the morning. If you are constantly waking up and finding your hair destroyed, it would definitely be a good time for you to start considering a satin pillowcase, or even a shower cap to keep your hair in good condition at night. It might sound a bit silly, but it’s actually more helpful than you think! Take care of your hair properly, and make sure you avoid the most common mistakes.


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