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Curling Sets - One of the Best 18th Birthday Gifts

by HSI Professional | Feb 23 2017

When I was a kid, I would always watch with extreme jealously whenever I’d see my older sister using her curling iron before school on weekdays. I was in such a hurry to grow up, and you know what? I think I saw that curling iron as a rite of passage. I remember her keeping it in this wooden box on the bathroom shelf, just out of my reach, and I always wanted to try it, but you know how it goes, too young, and too dangerous. I know now that it wasn’t the greatest curling iron the industry has to offer, in fact by today’s standards I think it was probably pretty terrible.

Even more terrible was that she didn’t realize she had to use a heat protectant until she was about seventeen, and it probably would have been really great if someone had told her that(come on Mom). What I didn’t know was that curling sets, while awesome, can cause some frustration if you don’t get the right one, and for this reason, giving your child a good HSI hair curler set for their 18th birthday may very well be one of the best things that you can do for them.

For one thing, a good hair curlers wand will help a person to avoid the worst possible scenario: burning their scalp. I just want to say that I’ve had plenty of burns on my scalp, some of which definitely could have been avoided if I hadn’t dropped the stupid thing or had actually been paying attention while holding a 375 degree iron. Aside from that, however, a good hair wand set will help you to get your hair done the right way the first time.

Curling Sets

Tourmaline Makes for the Best Curling Sets

When your child is finally coming of age, you’re going to want to make sure that you get the professional curling wands rather than the typical metal ones that we’ve seen permeating department stores since the late eighties. So why tourmaline? What’s the difference? We can’t really blame you for asking, you’ve probably been the victim of so many different ‘As Seen on TV’ scams that you get suspicious whenever anyone tells you that a product is ‘better’ or ‘unique’. Well, as professionals, we’re happy to tell you that tourmaline curling sets have their own unique properties that you will come to enjoy, and that will keep hair in great condition.

The first thing that you need to know, is that tourmaline is a crystal boron silicate mineral that actually helps during the smoothing process. Tourmaline will emit negative ions that counteract the process of the positive ions already present in the hair, which is dry or damaged. This works to reverse the damage, and will ultimately cause the hair to become smooth and shiny.

Additionally, tourmaline is responsible for sealing moisture into the hair, ensuring that the frizz is reduced, and you get that movie star look you’ve always coveted. Remember, the key to looking good isn’t genetics, it’s a matter of having the right equipment on hand, and making sure that it is used properly.

A Basic Overview of Tourmaline

Tourmaline is added to the ceramic plates of a curling iron by being crushed into a fine powder, and is then baked on. Tourmaline isn’t exclusive to curling irons, however – it is often added to brushes and combs to help control what would otherwise be highly uncooperative hair. Not only that, it’s an outstanding piece of equipment for beginners as they need help controlling their out of control hair.

HSI Professional Curling Sets

Make it the Right Gift

I just want to know, how many times have you stood in the beauty aisle at the store, staring at the cheaper alternatives and wondering what the difference could be. To be fair, we’ve all done it, and we’ve probably made the wrong decision plenty of times. Be honest, how many cheap curling irons have you thrown out over the years for this exact reason? I know I have a few in my garage, and I’ve definitely donated a few to Goodwill. That being said, it’s well worth it to buy the more expensive equipment, and this is a lesson you will also want to impart onto your child early on.

The right HSI curling sets will make all the difference in the world, and I can tell you, that a child heading out into the world will need to make a great impression, and for that they’re going to need the right tools. Don’t make the mistake of buying them something cheap and even more importantly, don’t let THEM buy something cheap for themselves. Curling wants, especially those made from the right materials, can be an outstanding gift and a treat rite of passage.



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