Curling Wands Breakdown – What Each One Does

A curling wand set is designed to enhance your hairstyle and appearance. No matter your hair type or texture – these units can truly spruce up your look for an occasion. At HSI Professional, we specialize in a wide array of curling iron wands at cost- affordable prices. Whether for work or leisure activities, you are guaranteed long-lasting curls with healthier and bouncier hair!

Each curling wand product is equipped with Heat-Balance technologies, which help prevent frizz and locks from being burned. These signature technologies also evenly distribute heat for perfect curls each and every time. All products also feature ceramic tourmaline- infused barrels that help prevent tangles and easily curl long strands of hair. With digital temperature controls, LCD displays, and a selection of top brushes and accessories – we guarantee the best hair curling products to meet all your needs.

Curling Wands

The Groover Curling Iron Wand

The Groover Series is synonymous with great curling products for one and all. In fact, items within this series continue to receive great reviews and industry ratings across the board. The Curling Iron Wand not only secures fashionable and trendy curls –but also delivers shinier, healthier, and bouncier hair. Customers simply need to plug the unit in and it heats up in seconds. They can use heat protective gloves (comes with most products), while adjusting the temperature they need for optimal results.

As a professional curling wand, this unit is used in countless beauty and hair salons across the world. Simply follow the instructions as directed for great results and even greater curls. The Groover Curling Iron Wand is designed to remove frizz, while curling even the most stubborn hair. It is advised to curl your hair in a downward motion; however, it is entirely up to you. The unit is great for last minute social events, parties, visitors, or everyday work and chores. The iron wand features:

  • Digital Temperature Control (up to 450oF)
  • Heats Up in Seconds
  • Dual Voltage 110-220v
  • Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline-Coated Barrel
  • Heat-Balance Infrared Technology

Hairstyling Curling Wands – Additional Features

The Groover Professional Hairstyling Curling Wand series also has additional features. This includes 8 Heat-Balance micro-sensors that are designed for even heat distribution. The hair styling wand also heats up 5 times faster than other brands, and is perfect for last minute styling and/or curling straight and hard texture hairstyles.

At HIS Professional, we are proud to feature a vast selection of top-rated hair wands at amazing prices. In fact, we offer daily discounts and shipping specials, along with promotional specials on all products and accessories. The latter includes but is not limited to:

  • Brushes for effective styling in-between or after curling sessions.
  • Hair clips that hold hair in place for optimal styling and frizz protection.
  • Hair combs (multiple sizes available) for dry, wet, or gelled/hairspray looks after curling. NEVER USE ANY CURLING IRON SET DIRECTLY ONTO WET HAIR. THIS MAY CAUSE SERIOUS DAMAGE TO HAIR, FOLLICLES, AND SCALP.
  • Simply follow all instructions as directed for the best curls and styles you need.

Groover Kit – Professional Curling Wand Set

HSI Professional Curling Wand Set

The Professional Curling Wand Set by Groover features 15 convenient temperature settings (between 170-450°F). This unit also has a large LCD display, which shows control and temperature settings for the wand. The curler sets, however, should never be left plugged in when not in use. While they do feature automatic shut-off features, it is best to unplug units so they can cool down and be ready for the next curling session.

These particular curling iron sets protect hair from existing or new frizz, while styling and shaping all types of hair locks. They also work well with hair that has been dyed, accented, or extensions as well. With the latter, it is important to check the texture of your extensions to see if they correlate with your respective unit. We can answer any and all product-related questions at our website or simply by contacting us via phone. Curling Wand Unit includes:

  • ¾ inch Barrel that heats up in seconds (wand).
  • Interchangeable curling wand for any position, style, or hair texture.
  • HSI Curling Style Guide; best curling techniques, trendy styles, and easy to use instructions.

The Tapered Curling Wand Set

The Tapered Curling Wand Set is great for more extensive and intricate curls. This item comes with heat protection gloves, and features a 1 year warranty of parts and service. Tapered units are also great for unique curling looks that correlate with both long and short hair. Like other Groover series sets, simply plug in and use in minutes for great curls and even waves. You can also check the curling styles we offer in our HSI Guide for new styles and looks.

HSI Professional Curls for Everyone

At HSI Professional, we truly go above and beyond to meet all customer needs within time and budget. This is why offer the best selling hair curling products at great prices every day. We also feature the latest in hair-styling, curling, and designing accessories and brushes. In fact, we offer Free Glider Brushes with some curling sets – and are always available to help you with all online or phone orders. If you want a change and love the stylish look of curls, simply browse our product inventory for the top ceramic curling wands and irons on the market today.  


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