Features Your Flat Iron Absolutely Needs To Have

A good flat iron is something every girl should have in her arsenal of beauty tools. They're effective, versatile, and portable. No matter where you are, you can get a salon worthy do in minutes with one. Not every flat iron is created equal, though. If you're in the market for a new one, you're going to need to look out for some key features. Without them, it's just not worth buying that flat iron.

A Good Flat Iron Is Worth Its Weight In Gold

Think about how often you use your flat iron. It's likely that it gets used every day. That's a tool that needs to be able to hold up to regular use over a long period of time. Cheaper flat irons aren't up to the job because they'll break down much more easily through repeated use. What seemed like a bargain at the time will cost you more in the long run, as you're having to replace them much more often. When you're shopping for the next new set, you're looking for quality over a bargain basement price.

Quality Flat Irons

Why Good Quality Flat Irons Are Important

Using hot irons for hair is a great way to get the look you want, but they do use heat to get the job done. A cheaper model may not give the control you need over the heat used, which is an absolute must if you're going to subject your tresses to it. Also, good flat irons come with good quality plates. Cheaper plates may only be coated in the right materials, meaning that coating can chip off and snag at your hair. Lesser materials mean that you just won't get the best results with them, either.

The Features Your Flat Iron Must Have

So, what features must your flat irons have? Here's the low down.
  • Temperature dial: If your flat iron has only a couple of heat settings, or worse, none at all, you need to ditch it. That's because everyone's hair is different, and needs a different temperature before it responds to the flat iron properly. Pick one that has a dial on it. That way, you can experiment until you find the lowest temperature that your hair will straighten at.
  • Ceramic plates: The plates on your flat irons matter. The better the plates are, the better results you'll get. You want plates that are made of full ceramic or better. Be careful, as some plates are only coated in ceramic. That means it can chip off and cause damage, as mentioned earlier. The best plates are infused with tourmaline, a mineral that's ground up and infused into the ceramic, for the best shine and least frizz.
  • 360 swivel cord: This probably didn't cross your mind, but a 360 swivel cord is vital. That's because a static cord won't move with you, and so it'll be more difficult to straighten your hair from some angles. A swivel cord will work with you, no matter how you're holding the flat irons.
  • Bevelled edges: A bevelled edge is also more important than you'd think. Your flat irons are versatile, and you'll be able to pull off all kinds of looks with it. A bevelled edge means that you won't end up with an odd crimp in your hair, as you would with a blunt edge.
  • Auto shut off: Ever walked out of the house and couldn't remember whether you'd shut the flat irons off? We've all been there. Most good models come with an auto shut off feature, which means you'll never have to worry again. It's a small thing, but it drastically increases safety and reduces your stress levels.
  • Indicator lights or displays: An indicator light is essential, as you'll be able to see at a glance whether the irons are on or not. There's now models that light up when the irons are hot enough to use, which means no more guesswork. You can also get flat irons with displays, so they'll show you just how hot they are, alongside other helpful information.

What's On Offer At HSI Professional

HSI Professional Flat Iron

If you're in the market for a new flat iron for hair straightening, you're in the right place. Here at HSI we have all kinds of models available to you, all with the above features.

They also have our fantastic HeatBalance technology built in. This system monitors and adjusts the temperature of your flat irons in real time. The plates will never have cold or hot spots again, and you'll drastically reduce the risk of your hair becoming damaged.

Ready to upgrade your flat irons? Pick from our selection and see the difference they make. Your hair will look amazing and be protected from heat styling damage. Who could ask for more?

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