Flat Iron Hair for the Best Results

Flat irons are an excellent hair styling tool many professionals swear by for its long-lasting results and effectiveness in helping make hair sleeker and silkier. Using a flat iron means you’ll be able to enjoy salon-quality results in the comfort of your own home without having to visit the hairstylist every week. Being able to achieve these amazing results means using the right mixture of haircare products, tools, and making the right preparations before starting.

Flat Iron Hair

Beauty Routine

Using a professional curling iron set or a flat iron means involving it in your beauty regime. Here at HSI Professional, we’ve discussed many tips and tricks to enjoy longer lasting results when using these hair styling tools. One of the first steps we encourage our customers to take is the importance of shampooing and conditioning hair before starting the hair straightening process.

Shampooing and conditioning hair gives it volume and helps to detangle it before straightening it out. Once the hair has been washed it’s best to let it air dry instead of using a blow dryer to dry it out. When the hair can air dry it retains its natural oils and retains moisture better, giving it a higher shine. You should brush your hair out during this stage so it doesn’t snag when running it through a flat iron.

Adjusting the Temperature

The other rule of thumb to keep in mind is to adjust the temperature of the professional flat iron for your hair type. Our number one rule here at HSI Professional is the finer the hair, the lower the temperature and the thicker it is the higher the temperature needed to straighten it out. Heat changes the texture and structure of the hair which results in it appearing smoother and sleeker.

We encourage our customers to spray heat protectant on before using a flat iron or hair curlers set to lower the risk of heat damage. You should wait a few minutes to let the heat protectant dry before feeding your hair through the flat iron. When you don’t wait, the flat iron will burn the heat protectant and you’ll see smoke rising. The smoke is alarming, but it’s just the flat iron burning the heat protectant, not your hair.

What are Hair Care Products Recommended for the Best Results?

professional ceramic curling ironWhen using a professional ceramic curling iron, it’s best to go with hair care products that go together. We recommend using our argan oil-infused hair care products and incorporating them into your daily beauty regime. Argan oil has been shown to improve the health of hair significantly due to its unique blend of nutrients that helps hair to thrive. There are fatty acids in argan oil and essential vitamins that encourage cell production which helps hair to gain more volume over time. Argan oil can also help to combat common issues with hair like frizz and dandruff too. The oil acts as an all-natural moisturizer which helps to hydrate the scalp and hair. Raw argan oil has even been used to help tame frizz and keep it down, even during the most humid days of the year. People who have used argan oil for the first time have noticed a significant difference in their hair and continued use comes with a host of health benefits.

One of the other tips we share with our customers when using a professional curling iron set is to be aware of the type of materials it’s made from. Ceramic and tourmaline are two of the most hotly debated materials in the hair styling world, but each has its own benefits. Ceramic is best for delicate and thin hair while tourmaline is recommended for thicker hair, but there is hybrid of the two people can use.

When in doubt, ceramic is still one of the most trusted materials when it comes to hair straightening among professionals. We encourage customers to learn more about their professional curling wands and share our expert knowledge on the topic all the time. Once you understand how these hair styling tools work and how to use them you’ll enjoy longer last hair straightening results.

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