Flat Iron vs. Blow Dryer for Straightening

When you want stick-straight, sleek locks, there are a couple of options for attaining this goal. Some people find that blow-drying their hair and brushing it gives them the look they were aiming for, and some find that using a flat iron is the best choice for flattening out their mane. There are pros and cons to each of these practices, and some swear by one while others are loyal to the second. Which way is the best for giving pin-straight hair? Read on to find out!

professional hair straightener from HSI

Blow Drying Gives Sleek Volume

Blow drying your hair and frequently sweeping through with a brush can be a fantastic way to achieve straight lengths to your hair while giving volume to your roots. It can be time-consuming and take lots of practice to figure out how to angle the dryer and work the brush, but many people love the results and wouldn’t have it any other way. There are tons of tutorials on the Internet, and you can use these to master this practice on the weekend.

Blow drying can load your hair with body and give your hair a natural-looking straightness that few other tactics can replicate. Using a good heat protectant can protect your locks from the extended onslaught of the hot air. Best of all, blow dryers are approved for everyday use, as they don’t do a whole lot of damage to your hair. You can even use your dryer’s cool setting for a blast of cool air that sets your style in place.

You’ll want to make sure that you’re using the right products if you want a straightening blow-out, however. Make sure that your shampoo and conditioner are formulated for straightening, and check your after-shower products as well to make sure they won’t add any waviness or promote curling. Many who swear by the blow-out straightening method are fans of it for its limited damaging qualities.

Flat Irons Promote Sleek Straightness

It goes without saying that flat irons straighten hair by their very design. In years past, flat irons were made with metal plates that were very damaging to hair, but today’s flat iron models boast ceramic, tourmaline, and titanium plates that promote moisture without burning the hair. While it is true that clamping down on hair with heat for extended periods of time can cause serious damage to your locks, simply finding the right heat setting and using the right products can protect your hair, leaving no more damage than the blow dryer, when using a professional flat iron.

flat irons straighten hairFlat ironing your hair smooths the most stubborn natural curls, leaving stick-straight lengths that will be the envy of the party or office. It’s fair to say that nothing will make your hair straighter than a hair straightener. A good flat iron will smooth the kinkiest of locks, leaving only a gleaming, elegant straightness. If you’re looking for volumized straightness, you can pull your hair up as you straighten it to give life to the root. The best professional hair irons have plates that are made with high-quality materials that glide smoothly through the hair to reduce pull and keep the hair’s natural moisture and oils intact so as not to damage the hair. Of course, a good serum that protects the hair from heat damage is always a must first step, but a ceramic tourmaline ionic flat iron’s plate design goes a long way in preventing hair damage all by itself.

Hot irons for hair are designed to give your hair the sleek straightness you desire. However, they can’t do all the work for you. Using a shampoo and conditioner formulated to help keep your hair straight is where the magic begins. You can’t use a curl defining shampoo and expect straight results! As mentioned above, a good heat protectant is a must-have, and if you apply it to your hair before using the flat iron, your hair will stay gorgeous and glow glamorously after the process is complete.

So Which Works For You?

Blow-outs are great for straightening hair that is already rather straight naturally, as well as hair that has minimal waves. However, hair that is straightened by blow-drying is prone to frizzing and unsetting itself in humid climates. Flat irons are perfect for straightening any head of hair, whether it’s slightly wavy or full of the most stubborn locking corkscrew curls. Flat ironed hair also tends to keep its shape through many types of weather. If you’re looking for sleek strands, try a professional hair straightener from HSI.


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