Flat Iron vs. Hair Dryer – which is Better?

Flat Iron vs. Hair Dryer

If you’ve been taking care of your hair for a while then you’ve undoubtedly come across the hair dryer vs. flat iron argument. Which one should you really use to straighten? Is there a difference? As a matter of fact, there certainly is a difference, and we’re going to go into as briefly as possible. Before you break out the ceramic flat iron or straightener, make sure you read over this quick guide.

What’s the Difference Between a Ceramic Flat Iron and Hair Dryer?

First of all, we’re going to take a look at the hair dryer. You probably have one in your bathroom, and it’s a device that is used to blow dry hair. A straightener, on the other hand, is used to completely change the structure of the hair by applying heat. Now, while these two perform very different tasks, it should be noted that they’re often able to compliment one another. Take the hair dryer for example; it is able to control the formation of hydrogen bonds in each strand of hair which causes the shape to hold better. It’s not a constant heat, but it is a good precursor to your flat iron usage.

Flat irons have either a ceramic, Teflon, or titanium barrel that is wrapped around the hair for curling, and it too helps to form the hydrogen bonds. One of the biggest differences here is that a hair dryer is meant for drying, and a flat iron should never be used on wet hair. In fact,w hen you are using even a professional straightener, it would be within your best interest to make sure that you are using a thermal spray or other heat protectants to make sure that you are not damaging your hair or inhibiting future growth. Remember, too much heat can cause permanent damage, and that certainly isn’t a route that you want to take.

Accessories Can be Key

Unfortunately, the only one of these that does, in fact, come with accessories, is the hair dryer. A diffuser can be used on fine hair, or colored hair to preserve them. Straighteners, on the other hand, come as they are. Their only real claim to fame is going to be the barrel clips or the clipless wands.

Potential Damage

Any hair products can cause damage if used incorrectly or excessively, but these are two that you really do need to watch out for. With a hair dryer, you could experience weathering, which means the cuticle of the hair shaft starts to wear away. On the subject of straighteners or flat irons, however, the intense heat can cause anything from brittle hair, break off, burning, frizz, and more. Either way, it can be very inconvenient, and this is why it is so important that you take the proper precautions. If you want to avoid this potential damage, then it would undoubtedly be within your best interest to start looking at the supply of hair products right here in our store.

Along with high-end shampoos, we are able to offer heat protectant that will keep your hair safe during both the blow drying and the straightening process. As you can see, there is a lot to consider, but there are definitely benefits to using either one of these devices. Most importantly, there are products to keep your hair safe during the process. Just make sure that you use the process recommended in many of our other blogs, and that you keep your hair adequately safe.


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