Four Celebrities that use Hair Straighteners to Change their Look

When we are looking for inspiration to change up our usual style, we always turn to celebrities. Sometimes we are not ready to commit to a big change like, bangs, a chic bob, or a new hair color. So how do we embrace a little change in our hairstyle without having to commit to a lifestyle changing hair cut or color? We like to heat up our trusty and beloved flat iron.

A hair straightener is a hot tool every woman should keep in her beauty tool arsenal. Unlike a curling iron, a flat iron has the ability to both straighten and curl hair without any attachments. Even though we are focusing on straight hairstyles, we just had to share just how amazing flat irons can be. Check out these four celebrities who love to change their hairstyle up but keep it simple with the use of a hair straightener.

Jennifer Aniston

A hairstyle icon for over two decades, Jennifer Anniston is the epitome of hair perfection. When we start to get hair envy we can always trace it back to Jennifer Aniston’s perfect, pin straight locks. How could we ever forget “The Rachel”? Unknown to many, Jennifer Anniston’s hair stylist reveals that Jennifer does not have naturally straight hair. Jennifer’s hair stylist says that her hair is actually medium-texture and is naturally wavy. Could she be any more perfect? We thought this little tidbit of information would bring us some sort of peace in knowing that she also deals with the struggles of wavy hair, but this some how only made her seem even more perfect.

We also found this fact hard to believe considering we have never seen a hair out of place on her head. Any woman with naturally wavy hair or naturally curly hair knows just how temperamental naturally wavy or naturally curly hair can be. Women with curly or wavy hair essentially exist at the whim of their own hair. To get Jennifer Aniston’s timeless and classic straight tresses, her stylist uses a professional ceramic hair straightener. A professional ceramic hair straightener like HSI’s ceramic glider flat iron will help recreate Jen’s look. Red carpet sold separately.


Even the Queen Bee herself is privy to how quick and simple the use of a flat iron can be in switching up every day hair. Beyonce’s naturally thick and coarse curly hair is transformed to sleek chicness with the use of a hair straightener. Beyonce’s curly hair is a reminder of her wild freedom and fearlessness. But when Bey straightens out her curly tresses, we are also reminded that she did not come here to play. A flat iron changes Beyonce’s image from sweet and playful to an image that is both fierce and commands the attention of all that are in her presence. Fortunately it is just as easy to get Beyonce’s commanding and fierce look even without a team of highly qualified hair professionals. A professional ceramic flat iron or tourmaline hair straightener from HSI professionals will have hair looking sleek and straight while keeping hair healthy and happy. Just don’t blame us when the neighbors are not as appreciative of a Beyonce reproduction in the front yard.

Taylor Swift

Taylor SwiftWhen Taylor Swift first stepped onto the music scene in the early 00’s, we all knew her as the sweet, young girl with locks made from sunshine. With hair like an angel, Taylor Swift became well known for her curly hair; it signified her youthful innocence while still magically conveying a polished appearance we could only dream of achieving. Not only were Taylor Swift’s curls coiled to perfection, but also they looked soft, manageable and free from frizz. Maybe Taylor is born with it or maybe it was magic, either way, we need to know the secret to perfectly buoyant, beautiful curls. But in 2010 Taylor Swift traded in her golden curls for pin straight tresses and we began to wonder if there would ever be any hope for our own hair? With Taylor’s straight hair transformation it was like she suddenly grew up over night. Straight hair gave Taylor a mature appearance and a “take me seriously” attitude. She was not just the little girl with her guitar; she was a grown woman who was ready to take her rightful place in pop music.


Often spotted wearing her hair wild and free, Shakira is well known for her natural curly hair. Shakira’s curls give her a beautiful and down to earth appearance that makes her seem approachable. But when she straightens her hair, Shakira transforms from a down to earth beauty to a woman who is seemingly effortless polished at all times. Shakira with straight hair and Shakira with curly hair could be two different women; both of which are absolutely stunning.

Curly hair gives Shakira that down to earth vibe with a hint of wild and heavy dash of sexy. A flat iron on Shakira’s curls does not take away from her innate sexiness nor does it look unnatural. The sleek, straight tresses transform her from Earthy, faiere like vixen to a beautiful and polished woman. For curly haired women everywhere, Shakira with straight hair is truly an inspiration. Often it can feel like curly hair will never obey, but Shakira’s hair transformation with just a simple flat iron alone is truly inspiring.


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