Four Flat Iron Safety Tips You Need to Know About

Anyone who's ever used a flat iron knows one thing: those things get hot! Anytime you're dealing with a device that puts off high heat, extra safety precautions should be practiced. Why? Skin burns and fires are no joking matter, and some flat irons are all too prone to both of them. Who are we to talk safety when it comes to your haircare?

We are HSI Professional, and we provide high quality salon styling products to consumers all over the world; you better believe safety is important to us. Our product line is growing by the day, as is our customer base, and we care greatly about their satisfaction.

Professional Ceramic Tourmaline flat irons

One: Buy a High Quality Professional Flat Iron

Tip number one is a simple one: buy a high quality flat iron and avoid cheaply made products. Why? Consider cheap products: they're not made well, and they don't have any technological features that aid in safety efforts (think: auto-off features for that busy morning you forgot to turn the straightener off before rushing out the door). Our HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline flat irons are not only incredibly efficient, but they also come with several features that promote a safer environment. In short, tourmaline is a crystal that is ground into a fine powder and infused into the ceramic plates of the flat iron.

When heated, this substance produces a huge amount of negative ions, enough to counteract the positive ions found in dry and damaged hair. This means that ceramic tourmaline flat irons are better at avoiding hair damage and neutralizing ions that cause static and frizz. In addition to using ceramic tourmaline, every flat iron HSI uses HeatBalance technology with 8 micro-sensors to regulate the temperature and evenly distribute heat while the hair straightens.

This ensures that you don't run that extreme heat through your hair more than you absolutely have to, and that when you do the heat is distributed evenly.  So, when you buy a Professional ceramic tourmaline straightener, you're buying a product that's actually safe for your hair. Finally, all of our Glider flat irons come with an auto-off feature to ensure in case you forget, it won't become a fire hazard – so, it's safe for your environment.

Two: Get an Accessory for Storing It

At HSI, we also provide accessories to complete your arsenal of salon products. One thing we provide that our customers love? A heat resistant flat iron stand. No more questioning whether or not the countertop will be effected by the heat, or whether or not the towel you lay it on will catch on fire. Forget the possibility that your flat iron will melt or burn whatever surface it touches.

HSI has a smart solution – a product for storing the device while in use that also features heat release air vents for when you're stowing it away. The product is safe and 100% heat resistant, and it can easily be stuck on mirrors, ceramic surfaces, and mounted on walls. As long as you're storing the device safely, your environment will be protected from heat exposure.

Burns can be tough to avoid when you're dealing with high heat products, even HSI Professional products. You don't have to put up with that, though, when you purchase a Heat Resistant Glove from HSI Professional. We have a one-size fits all glove that is heat resistant and incredibly soft. When you wear the glove, those pesky burns simply aren't a problem anymore.

Three: Use it Correctly, According to Factory Recommendations

Flat Irons

Finally, in keeping with the theme of buying a straightener that is safe for the environment and your hair, be sure that you use the product in accordance with the factory instructions. First of all, take the time to ensure that your setting is right for your hair type. All of our Heated Tools come with a temperature dial so you can dial up or down the heat as you see fit for your hair; after all, we always recommend you keep temperatures no hotter than they actually need to be to get the job done.

Our web site has a guide that should help for those who have no clue where to start! Once this is ensured, turn your straightener on and adjust the temperature using the temperature control dial and the instructions above. While the flat iron is heating up, spray your hair with a heat protectant, like our Argan Oil Heat Protectant Product. Divide your hair into manageable sections and clip the upper layers to the top of your head as you start with the under layers first. Work first with just one strand to determine if you need to lower or increase the temperature.

Once you find a range that works, begin to straighten: starting at the roots, firmly clamp the hair between the two plates and glide the flat iron down the entire hair strand in one smooth motion. Always keep the iron moving to avoid frying hair in any one spot. Remember that as you go, you'll get faster and faster! Always operate Professional Flat irons with caution even after you consider yourself an experienced user.

Don't use flat irons without a serious sense of caution. Take the steps necessary to ensure that you, your hair, and your environment remain safe!  

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