Four Hair Straightener Tricks You Didn't Know About

You love your HSI hair straightener. We know because just how many of you have bought them! They're a fantastic tool to get the sleekest hair around. Did you know, though, that there are lots of things you can do with your flat irons that you hadn't even heard about? If you feel like mixing it up, read on to find out what else they can do for your hair.

Your flat iron can do more than you think

It's true, you know. You're using yours to get that poker straight supermodel hair you crave, and that's awesome. However, why not experiment with it? You'll really be surprised at what they can do. In fact, you might even want to ditch your other hair styling tools in favor of your hair straighteners!

Hair Straightener

Four hair straightener tricks

Here's four tricks to help you create amazing looks just with your flat irons. Try them out for yourself and you'll see how versatile they can be.
  1. Create flicks and volume with your flat irons

Some people don't like using flat irons, as they find that while they get their hair straight, they also can lead to lifeless or limp hair. In fact, it's all in how you use them. To get a flick in the ends of your hair, iron it completely and then drape the hot ends over a round brush.

Once it's cooled, you'll have a neat bend in the ends that lends your hair some interest. To get more volume, when you get to the crown of your head flat iron the hair up and towards the ceiling. These are both simple tricks, but when you've mastered them your hair will look great.

  1. Curl your hair

Did you know you can curl your hair using a flat iron? It sounds counterproductive to a professional ceramic flat iron, but it's true. There's several ways you can curl your hair.
  • For full on curls, try placing a section of your hair between the plates, near the crown. Then, start wrapping that hair around one of the plates, making sure you keep passing through between them. Keep the plates closed for a couple of seconds, and then you've got a perfect curl!
  • If you want to crimp your hair, you don't need a special tool. Instead, braid your hair in section and use the straightners to heat them a bit at a time. Let them cool and then undo the braids, and you'll have instant crimped hair.
  • Just want some beachy waves? Your hot irons for hair can do that too. Clamp your hair between the plates and twist the rest of the hair under. Leave for a couple of seconds, then move the plates down and do the next section of the hair, twisting the opposite way. Keep repeating this, alternating direction as you go. When you're done, let it cool and then run your fingers through your hair. You'll have beautiful beachy waves.
  1. Use the right brush to get sleek hair

When you're straightening your hair, what brush are you using? It's more important than you think. For example, super straight locks start with the right blow drying technique. When you're drying your hair, make sure to use a large paddle brush to hold the hair straight. This results in a sleeker look, as it helps pull hair fibers straight as you blow dry. Use the hair brush right, and you'll have done most of the work before you even pick up the flat irons.
  1. Jazz up a ponytail

Finally, do you want to do something fun but you just don't have the time? Why not cheer up a basic ponytail by jazzing it up with your straighteners? All you need to do is tie your hair up as normal, and then take sections of the pony tail and curl them, as we showed you in our number 2 tip. It won't take too long as you're curling less hair, and when you're done you'll have a dressy ponytail that you can really be proud of.

HSI hair straightener

Some fast tips to get the most out of your straighteners

  • Use protection: Use a heat protection spray before you use heat on your hair. It'll reduce heat damage and help with your style.
  • Turn the heat down: You don't need to have the heat on full to get the most from your flat irons. Turn it down and you'll have healthier hair.
  • Section your hair out: Sectioning your hair means you'll know which parts you've already covered, and won't go over the same parts over and over again.

There you go, four tricks you hadn't heard about to get the most out of your hair straighteners. Try them for yourself, you're sure to love the results.  


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