Four HSI Professional Tips For Maintaining Healthy Hair

by HSI Professional | Jan 10 2017

Your hair is quite literally your crowning glory. Everyone covets the mythical 'good hair day', when everything goes right, your hair looks amazing, and your confidence soars as you know you look good. While we can't have amazing hair every day, we sure can help it along. Here's the four best kept secrets that will keep your hair shiny, healthy and happy.

Your Hair Is Important To Your Look

Here at HSI Professional, we know that your hair is important to your whole look. Your hair is as individual as you are, and it shows. Some people dye theirs wacky colors, others curl theirs until they have a full mane of curls. Whatever you like to do to yours to make it look good, you need to take care of it. These four tips are perfect for every girl's hair, whether you bleach, flat iron, or leave as nature intended.

HSI Professional Tips For Maintaining Healthy Hair

Four Top Tips For Healthy Hair

Here are your four top tips that every girl should keep in mind when looking after your hair.
  1. Don't wash your hair every day: We know, we know. If you don't wash it every day, it gets greasy, right? At first it might, but it's actually much better for you to skip a day when it comes to washing your hair. Over washing can strip your hair of the oils that keep it soft and supple, meaning it's more prone to breakage and damage.
If you skip at least every other day, you'll give your hair a break and the oils a chance to work their magic on your strands. If nothing else, you'll save money on your shampoo and conditioner! If you feel that your hair feels lank without a daily washing, invest in a good dry shampoo.
  1. Step away from the heated tools: Everybody loves their heated styling tools. Thanks to them, you can be a curly goddess one day, and a poker straight queen the next. Nothing makes your hair as versatile as your curling and flat irons. However, overusing them can lead to heat damage and breakage.
If you can, try and take a break every once in a while from your heated tools. Perhaps you can leave them alone when you're having a lazy day at home, or when all you have to do are errands. Save your awesome hair for when you need it the most. If you do use your tools, make sure you buy a good heat protectant spray, such as the one for sale here at HSI.
  1. Eat right for your hair: It's what's on the inside that counts, and that's just as true for your hair. If you don't eat right, you're not taking in the right vitamins and minerals that keep your hair healthy and strong. If you find your hair's not doing what you want it to do, you may need to look at your diet.
If you want to eat right for your hair, try eating leafy green vegetables and healthy fats. Kale in particular can actually work wonders on your hair. As a bonus, eating well will give your entire immune system and general health a boost, too.
  1. Don't brush your hair when it's wet: Everyone knows that feeling when you're trying to drag a brush through your wet hair of a morning. It's arduous, annoying, and sometimes it seriously hurts. Are you tired of pulling clumps of your own hair out, just trying to detangle it? Then the best thing to do is wait until it's dry.

Brushing your hair when it's wet is a great way to break and damage your hair. If you can, let your hair air dry before you brush it. You'll find that it's a whole lot easier, and you'll pull out much less hair. Don't worry about the hair that does come out, though. We always lose some through brushing, and your hair is constantly renewing itself.

A Word About Hair Products

HSI Hair Products

So, you're following our four professional hair care tips, but you still want to use hair products. Hair products can work miracles on your hair, all you have to do is find the right one for you. Here at the HSI Professional Hair Bar, we have all kinds of products for you to try. Why not take a look at our argan oil hair care range? This miracle oil is making people's hair soft, shiny and beautiful all across the country.

If you try it and love it, you can have the products shipped to you regularly through our subscription service. There you have it. These four tips will help you keep your hair healthy and strong, ready for you to mold it into something amazing. Get out there any wow everyone with your excellent hair.


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