Four Nutrients your Hair Needs to Thrive

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Getting your hair into a good shape it tough work. You invest money in salon quality products, you work on it every single morning, and you ensure it’s protected from the elements. What you might not realize, however, is that while you’re protecting your hair from outside forces, there are forces within your body that are working against you. While HSI Professional sells hair products, sometimes it’s the vitamins and nutrients that you really need to be worried about.

Vitamins and Nutrients – What Do you Need?

There is a wide range of vitamins and nutrients that you would need in order to keep your hair in tip top shape, and it doesn’t have to be nearly as complicated as most people make it out to be. We’re going to go down the list and show you not only what they are, but what they do, and most importantly, where you can get them.


Most dermatologists will agree that iron and zinc are two that will help your hair follicles to grow. If you’re stuck with eternally short hair then you might be lacking one of these or both.
  • Where to Get it: Lead Red Meat, Soybeans, Lentils, or oranges.

Vitamin D

It has been proven through several studies that Vitamin D can be responsible for hair growth but there is a slight problem: it’s not contained naturally in many foods. You can buy supplements, but it’s just not as good as getting it straight from the source.
  • Where to Get it: The sun (sit outside for a few hours per day), supplements (1000 IU per day)


Protein is responsible for the promotion of both cell growth and repair, making it absolutely essential. For women, it is essential to get at least 46 grams per day, but you will need to make sure that you are following the correct guide for your particular body type.
  • Where to Get it: Almost all meats have some type of protein, for example, 3 ounces of chicken will contain about 23 grams.


There is a good chance that you’ve heard of this one already, at some point. Biotin is a B vitamin, and it is essential for hair growth. If you’ve ever tried to grow your hair out, and if you’ve ever spoken to a hairstylist, there is a good chance they’ve told you that biotin is the way to go.
  • Where to Get it: Biotin can be found in multiple places, for example, may obtain it from eggs, which are also a source of protein (we mentioned protein earlier, remember?) In addition to that, they contain choline and vitamin D. If eggs aren’t really your thing, then you can move on to something a bit more simple, like a 30 mcg supplement, which you can obtain from your local pharmacy or grocery store. Just remember to stick with it, because many people will give up after the first few weeks, and the results are never great in those cases.

We’ve listed a few of the best foods and nutrients that you can use to keep your hair in check, but as with anything else, do remember that everyone has a different body type. In other words, yes, what works for you might not work well for someone else. If you want to know more, make sure you speak to your doctor and your nutritionist to determine whether or not you’re on the right diet for your body. It can become complicated, but it’s not impossible, and soon enough you will have the hair that you have always wanted.


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