Fresh Looking Roots After Missing a Salon Trip

You have just decided to avoid your next (pretty expensive) salon appointment, but your roots scream “touch up”. Need help to conceal them? The following expert tips will save you.

Pump up the Volume

Adding extra volume at the roots and creating messy waves through the ends will camouflage your unwanted roots. Arm yourself with volumizing spray, rollers and a professional curling wand.


Spray and Conceal

A root concealer spray in your color is a quick fix when you are in a hurry. Even if it is normally used to cover grays, it will blend darker roots, too.

Alter Your Part

A straight part will reveal your roots in all their splendor. The trick is to flip your part to the other side, or make it a bit messy creating an undefined zig-zag shape. Roots will no longer be the focus.


Rely on Dry Shampoo

Besides absorbing excess oil and creating instant volume, dry shampoo will lighten up your dark roots with its powdery texture. For a better result, look for a tinted formula.


The Magic Touch-Up

In the past, women hid their grays by combing mascara onto their temples. Today you can find specific pens, powders and touch-up wands that are easy to use, dry really quickly and blend well. It is totally up to you whether you go for a marker or a powder. They both deliver.


What is your go-to hack for concealing your unwanted roots, pretties.. maybe glitter? (;

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