Get that Static Under Control with the Right Hair Care Techniques

Hair can experience static for any number of different reasons, from snowflakes, to sitting by a fire, to sledding downhill – all of these are activities that can add static to your hair, and there’s actually a very good reason or it. As temperature drops, and air dries, negatively charged electrons leave your hair, which leaves you with nothing but positive charges.

They rest eachother, and if you have thinner hair, then you’re going to be extremely vulnerable to static. While this might not sound like a huge problem on paper, you’re going to find that it causes some serious problems in practice. It interferes with every single picture we face, and it leaves you looking like a cartoon character who grabbed an electric fence. If you’d been planning to use your ionic ceramic flat iron to make yourself more presentable, then you were probably sorely disappointed.

Don’t worry, there are a few things that you can do to make sure that your hair keeps those negative charges exactly where they are, and it’s not as hard as you think. The static fighting tools you need are right here, in your home arsenal.

Ionic Ceramic Flat Iron

Stop Using a Plastic Comb Before your Ionic Ceramic Flat Iron

You’ve been taught to use a plastic, heat resistant comb when flat ironing, but this time, you’re going to want to use a metal one, especially if you’re prone to static. Metal is a conductive material, and it will make your hair much less staticy. Invest in one for the colder days.

Dryer Sheets – The Legend is True

You’ve probably grown up hearing that dryer sheets will reduce static in your hair and we’re here to tell you that that one, in particular is true. All you need to do is take a dryer sheet and gently run it over your hair before using any hair products. If you really want to be proactive, rub the sheets on your pillow before you go to sleep.


If you have thin, fine hair, then you are probably wary about using a moisturizer, and we can definitely understand that. It often leaves the hair looking greasy, but if you just use them on the ends of your hair, then you should be able to fight off the static very effectively.

Switch to an Ionic Blow Dryer

This is kind of a hit or miss situation, because while ionic blow dryers can definitely help, not everyone is going to find them effective. The general idea behind this, is that it will emit negatively charged ions which attach themselves to your hair and neutralize the positively charged ions. These ionic molecules will also break down water molecules, rather than evaporating them, meaning you won’t lose all of your moisture. Ultimately, that means less static and less dry hair.

Put Hair Spray on your Comb

If you’re not a big fan of hairspray, then this one is going to sound pretty unappealing to you. Once you get past that, however, try spraying some hairspray on your comb and running it through your hair. This will help to tame the flyaways and give you a better look overall.

Pin Pieces Down

Products are great, but you know what? Sometimes you just have to go with the old fashioned method of pinning hair pieces down. Use a bobby pin or a hair clip if you want to be a little bit more stylish. Since flyways are often at the front of your head, you can do a great job of framing your face with bobby pins, and it might even look cute.

Braid it Up

Braiding might sound like giving up, but it does help you to avoid hat hair in the colder weather. Plus, it looks cute, so admitting defeat might not be the worst thing in the world. Static can be horrible for your hair, but fighting it doesn’t have to be hard. Use the techniques we mentioned, and most importantly, keep using your ceramic tourmaline ionic flat iron to get the hairstyle you want.


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