Get the Half and Half Look with a 220v Hair Straightener

People are single-minded, probably even you. Sorry, but it’s true. You have a 220v hair straightener, but instead of actually being creative with it you probably just straighten. There’s nothing wrong with straightening, not by any means, that is what you got the thing for, after all, but seriously, there are MANY more things that you can do with it if you just use your imagination. Imagine it: you could crimp, you could curl, you could do virtually anything you wanted.

Your hair is a canvas, it’s something to be molded, it’s something to be used. So what can you do with your hair? Some people go for that 80’s look, some people prefer that straight look, and some people go all out, trying to find a completely different style that suits them. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with experimenting if it eventually gets you the result you’re looking for. Today we’re going to talk a bit about the half up, half down style, which you might need the assistance of a straightening iron to achieve.

Ceramic Flat Iron

Half Up, Half Down – a Job for a 220v Hair Straightener?

Okay, so what is ‘half up, half down’ exactly? You’ve seen this style before, thought the last time you really tried it was probably during your childhood. Actually, many do tend to write this style off as being ‘for kids’, even though it would look fabulous on you if done right. Half up, essentially means the top of your hair is styled differently from the bottom. For example, you might have the top half of your hair in a bow while the rest of it hangs straight – a great job for a straightener, actually.

So what styles are there? What should you be considering? We’re going to go over a few different hairstyles that you can try out, and some of them are real throwbacks! Remember, it’s not just for kids anymore – you can rock these styles every single day and not feel an ounce of guilt about it.

The Hairband

If you really wanted to go retro, wearing an actual hairband would do the trick. For this hairstyle, however, we’re talking about creating a hairband with your hair – all you need to do is wrap a few strands around your hand and either tie them off in a cute knot or secure them with bobby pins. The rest of your hair can be taken care of with a flat iron pretty easily.

The Half Upknot

We’ve seen this one floating around for the last few years and it really never gets less fabulous. All you need to do is separate the two front sections of your hair, create a fishtail braid, and then tuck them back to form an upknot. It might sound a little bit complicated, but there are plenty of tutorials online.

The Bow

Finally, one of our favorite looks that you can achieve with a ceramic tourmaline is the bow, or rather, a bow that you create with your hair. To make the bow more pronounced, you do need to make sure that you are straightening the rest of your hair – this will make it stand out better and will definitely garner you more compliments. Quite frankly, the bow gives you a much more feminine look and it might even give you an air of innocence that you’ve been looking for.

220v Hair Straightener

Use the Flat Iron to your Advantage

All of these hairstyles need to be used with a flat iron, no exceptions. First of all, not everyone wakes up with perfect hair; there are some people who wake up with a knotted mess, and they absolutely need to use iron and products to achieve the look that they want. Even if you have relatively straight hair, it doesn’t hurt to take the iron to it, just to make sure you’re getting the desired effect – it’s definitely something you’ll want to consider.

When you ARE using a flat iron, do make sure you’re using all of the necessary precautions, such as lower heat, heat protectant, and most importantly, treat your hair with coconut or argan oil after the fact. A flat iron is a great asset to you when you’re styling your hair. Even if your hair is normally pretty straight you can still use a flat iron to achieve some cute styles, making each part of your hair look exactly the way you want it to. Choose the right flat iron, and most importantly, choose the right hairstyle for you!

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