Get Your Messy Hair Under Control With These Three Tips

by Adam Weinstein | Jan 29 2017

Are you always struggling with your hair? Does it never do what you tell it to do? Feel like just giving in and shaving it all off? Well, you may not have to pull such a drastic stunt after all. If you're struggling with your messy hair, there are ways to keep it under control. Here's the three tips you need to keep in mind to make sure you can always have a good hair day.

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The Problem With Messy Hair

The problem with messy, uncooperative hair is that it's a real pain to deal with. You only have limited time in the morning to deal with it, and you end up with a style that really isn't what you were going for. When that happens, it can actually impact on your self confidence. If you're not happy with your look, you can feel worse about yourself. That's why it's so important to get your hair under control.

What Makes Your Hair Worse

There are a few factors that can make it harder to deal with your hair on a day to day basis:

  • Damaged or fried hair: If your hair has taken a lot of heat damage, then it can be much harder to style. Fragile, brittle strands are a nightmare to bend to your will. It's especially hard when you're trying not to damage it further.
  • Colored hair: If your hair has been over colored or processed, it can take damage from that too. Repeated bleaching or coloring can cause damage to the hair shaft that leads to it becoming unmanageable.
  • Chlorine exposure: Are you a swimming fan? While it's great for your heath, it's not so great for your hair. Repeated exposure to the harsh chemicals in swimming pools can really do a number on your hair.

Three Ways To Get That Hair Under Control

So, how do you get that messy hair under control? Here's the three tips you're going to need:

  • Use the right hair products: First of all, the basis of good hair is what you put into it. Everything from your shampoo to your hairspray is going to affect the way your hair behaves. This is why now's a good time to invest in some argan hair care products. They're perfect as they can help repair damage, feed your hair, and give it the manageability that you need. If you don't know where to start, an argan oil leave in hair treatment is a great place to start.
  • Avoid damaging practices when you can: If and when you can, avoid doing anything that's damaging to your hair. That means putting down the heated styling tools, calming down with the hair dye, and finding other ways to work out than swimming. It sounds tough, but if you can change your practices, it reduces damage and helps your hair heal.
If you can't change, then there are ways to minimise the damage. When using heat styling tools, never go near your hair without a heat protectant spray. This creates a layer between the hair and the styling tool, absorbing a lot of the damage. If you still going swimming, try using leave in argan oil as a barrier against the chemicals. It can stop damage and feed your hair at the same time.
  • Get a style that's easy for you to care for: If you're really struggling with your hair, the best thing to do is make sure you have a style that's easy to care for. Go to your stylist and ask their advice. You struggle with managing your hair, so what's a style that's easy to keep and will suit you? They will have plenty of ideas and should be able to help you out.

Argan Oil Hair Products

Hairstyling Hacks To Get Your Hair In Shape

Now you know how to get your hair to behave, here's some handy tips for every day styling that will help.
  • Wash your hairbrushes: Just like your makeup brushes, your hairbrushes get dirty with prolonged use. A good scrub with your shampoo will do the trick.
  • Pick the right brush for the right job: No one hairbrush can do everything. Look up what brush you need for the style you're aiming for. You may find you've been using the wrong one all this time.
  • Hairspray your bobby pins: Will your bobby pins not stay put? Try spraying them with a little hairspray before you put them in your hair. They'll be slightly sticky, making them more likely to stay where you put them.
  • Blast with cold air to set your style: Once your style is complete, give it a blast of cool air from the blow dryer. This will help set your style for the day.
And there you have it! Never struggle with your hair again.


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