Hair FAQ: Why Has my Hair Stopped Growing?

Here’s a good question: Why has your hair stopped growing exactly? At some point or another, you’ve probably looked in the mirror and wondered why it’s so short. There are some people who will manage to get it to shoulder length, and then there are those who will get it just a few inches above that. Either one of these is obviously going to be irritating, so why is it that your hair isn’t growing? Are you overusing your ionic flat iron? Have you been taking too much product into it? Are you just really unlucky? Today we’re going to look at a few of the most common reasons for which hair might stop growing and what you can do about it.

Get Trims – Especially if you Use your Ionic Flat Iron a Lot

Part of having long hair is getting regular trims. The thing to remember is that we all have a maximum length that our hair can reach depending on how we take care of it, and until we start using different products, nothing is going to change. Trim the split ends and change your products. Use the right hair mask, and up the shampoo/conditioner game. If you’ve plateaued, then you’re going to need to switch things up. For example, you could check out our care box which gives you some of the most amazing products, and even a free ceramic flat iron if you order the monthly box.

It Could be in your Genes

The genetic lottery is no joke – seriously. There are some people who just have it while others don’t We all have a hair cycle in which the hair reaches the maximum length that it can without being cut or damaged. Your growth phase is determined mostly by genetics, lasting between two and six years.

Your Age

Everyone gets older and as we do, our growth cycle reduces. In addition to that, we’re going to have damage to our hair to contend with. Years of products and heat damage will add up, and it could mean that your hair is shedding faster. The biology of hair can change at this point, for example, if you have a five-year anagen phase, then it means that your hair will proceed to grow for five years before it stops. This phase, however, shortens over time, which means the hair will enter the resting phase faster. It will then shed to make room for shorter strands. You may also find that oil production slows or even ceases, making the hair itself more susceptible to damage.

Hair Breakage can Happen

Here’s something to think about: your hair might actually be growing, but it could be breaking once it reaches a certain length. Beaching and other chemical processes can cause your hair to become overprocessed, and it will ultimately start to lose moisture.

Check your Diet

There are definitely certain things in your diet that can contribute to you losing hair, for example, a lack of ferritin, zinc, and vitamin B12. Also, remember that you’re going to need enough iron and protein to prevent both brittleness and breakage. Yes, ceramic flat irons can definitely cause a problem, but you do need to pay attention to the other factors that we mentioned. With proper care and treatment, you CAN make sure that your hair is in great shape and you can create an outstanding aesthetic for yourself. Just follow our tips and most importantly, use the right products.


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