Hair Hacks

Hair is complicated, but finding ways to tame it doesn’t necessarily have to be hard. From hair dryers to flat irons, we use all sorts of implements make sure that it cooperates – at least for the duration of our day. Let’s go over these ten hair hacks that we’ve collected over the years, and make sure you watch the YouTube video for a more detailed look at getting your hair just the way you want it.

Hack #1

There is a right way and a wrong way to brush your hair. Yes, seriously, we’re not joking. There are way too many people who do it from top to bottom, and it can cause breakage in the strands. Instead of doing it this way, start at the top, near the roots, and brush toward the bottom. This will give you a much better result and of course, preserve your hair for the long run.

Hack #2

Some people have slippery hair and while it can be used to create some pretty awesome aesthetics, it can also be very difficult to manage. In fact, you probably have found more than once that hair clips just slip right out of your hair, and that’s just not cool. Don’t worry, there’s a quick way to fix it, and it all starts with changing the way your hair clips work. One of the problems is that they don’t have enough grip, and you’re going to fix that with a glue gun. So, take a glue gun, and glue inside the claws. This creates more friction once they dry, and they’ll hold onto your hair quite nicely.

Hack #3

This goes hand in hand with Hack #2 – people with slippery hair find that bobby pins can be utterly useless and the best way around this, is to coat your bobby pins in hairspray. This gives them a much better grip and will help you to keep your hairstyle intact for the remainder of the day.

Hack #4

If you suffer from frizzy hair, as many people do, taking the static out of yours might solve a big chunk of the problem. Instead of using product normally, try putting a dryer sheet through the bristles of your brush and then brushing your hair.

Hack #5

Do you have flyaways or baby hairs? If so, they can be pretty frustrating, we know. The best thing you can do is use an old mascara brush with hairspray, as this will help to kill the flyaways, and at the same time, will allow you to maintain your volume.

Hack #6

Do you have a problem maintaining volume when you straighten your hair? Don’t worry; you’re not the only one. To get a little more volume, go ahead and take your flat iron to the root of the hair, and then straighten directly into the air. If you don’t pull downward, this will give you much more volume.

Hack #7

You’ve heard the whole ‘pat, don’t rub’ argument when it comes to towels, but what if you decided to ditch the towels entirely? Well, you can, at least when it comes to your hair. One thing that we strongly recommend is drying your hair with a cotton t-shirt, as this is less harsh, and a cotton shirt is much more absorbent.

Hack #8

This is a pretty simple hack, and it’s more about your hair dryer than you. If you want to avoid having your arms become tired from blow drying, then one of the best things you can do is prop your blow dryer up in a desk drawer, sit down, and allow it to blow on you from an angle. This is a great way to get a more hands-free experience. You can even use your phone while you’re blow drying your hair, imagine that.

Hack #9

So you want your hair to grow faster but you’re not sure how to go about it. Don’t worry, that’s a pretty common problem, and the best thing you can do is give yourself scalp massages. If you’re going to do it the traditional way, then you’ll use the tips of your fingers. You can, however, get a scalp massager, which will work just as well, if not better.

Hack #10

If you’re finding that your hairline doesn’t look full, then you can go ahead and fill it in with an eyeshadow that looks close to your hair color. This will give you the appearance of a full hairline and take less effort that eating a sandwich.


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