Hair Smoking Under the Flat Iron? Find out Why!

HSI Flat Irons

Flat iron technology has come a long way from the curlers and harsh chemical treatments people used in the beginning to straight out their hair. Modern technology has allowed people to use flat irons coated in ceramic, titanium, and even tourmaline for longer lasting results. Heated brushes are even a thing now and have been proven to be an excellent straightening tool when on the go or getting those harder to reach areas on your head. What about when you start to see smoke coming up when using your flat iron? We know that’s never a good sign, but don’t panic just yet! The problem may not be as serious as you thought at first and could easily be fixable.

Not Drying Out

We always recommend our customers spray their hair with a heat protectant before they start with a straightening procedure. Heat protectant helps to protect hair from heat damage when applying a tool that uses heat. Heat is used to change the structure of the hair so its sleeker, shinier, and smoother to the touch. This kind of change can be damaging to the hair if it’s exposed to the heat for too long, thus the addition of heat protectant.

One of the most common mistakes people make when using heat protectant is not waiting a few minutes for it to fully dry before applying their straightening iron. The spray still needs a chance to dry to offer the full protection for hair. When it’s not dried out, the straightening iron ends up burning the spray instead of the hair. This can cause steam or smoke to rise since that straightening iron is coming into contact with the still wet spray.

Know the Temperature Rule

The other issue to address when using a hair straightener is to be wary of the temperature rule when applying it to your hair. Many people who are using a straightening iron for the first time may not know the ideal temperature for their hair type. The general rule is the thinner and finer the hair, the lower the temperature should be to straighten it.

The thicker and fuller the hair, the higher the temperature can be to straighten it out. The exact temperature does vary depending on the texture of your hair and how fine the strands are since a higher setting could damage them. There are online guides that detail the precise temperature that is best for your hair type, so taking a quick glance at them is highly recommended.

The Right Materials

hair straightenersOne of the topics we frequently discuss is the type of materials used for hair straighteners and which one is better. Ceramic and tourmaline are the top contenders, with a hybrid of the two usually being the compromise. The right temperature and waiting for the heat spray to dry will help to cut down on the smoking issue, but what about the materials? Ceramic is the tried and true material best suited for delicate or fine hair since it has even heat distribution.Ceramic has always been one of the most trusted materials when it comes to using them on flat irons, the only drawback being the ceramic begins to wear off over time. Tourmaline has six time the negative ions than ceramic so the heat distribution is more even and means fewer passes are needed to straighten out hair. Tourmaline is often ideal for thicker hair, but it can work for delicate hair if needed. The use of the right products to make your hair fuller and healthier is recommended too, normally argan oil infused products.

Argan oil contains essential nutrients and vitamins that promote cell production to naturally boost the growth of hair so it becomes thicker and fuller over time. People who have used argan oil just once have noticed an immediate difference and continued use over time just improves the benefits. We encourage our customers to take good care of their hair and to be mindful of the products and tools they use for styling. The right use of tools and products will help you to maintain the ideal hairstyle you desire while ensuring your strands are at their healthiest.


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