Hair Straightener Sets that will give your Hair that Famous Look

What styles or looks do you aim for when styling your hair?  If you straighten your hair, you obviously use some sort of hair straightener.  If you curl those beautiful locks, you use some type of curling iron.  But did you know that they each come in so many different sizes, shapes, and forms?  Each one has a specific purpose, too, and yields different results.  Here at HSI Professional, we offer many different kinds of curling wands and flat irons.  Do you know what kind is right for you?

The Marcel Wand, named after the French hairstylist who invented the curling iron, is believed to be the most versatile curling tool.  Unlike most of the curling wands, this Marcel wand looks like a hybrid between a curling iron and a curling wand – it has a clip but it is not spring-loaded – this means that it can be maneuvered and manipulated easier than most curling tools.  It rarely leaves kinks or in the hair and the results look natural, but the technique can be a tricky one to master.

A Bubble Wand is generally very easy to use and would be good for a curling-novice.  It has a textured/bumpy rod to help the user determine the placement of the hair when curling.  It “sifts” or guides the hair between the bubbles to yield a nice, even pattern of curls.

The Double-Barrel Iron is an interesting invention as the user wraps their hair in a figure eight pattern around the rods.  Only an option for those with mid-length hair, a ripple-like pattern develops, looking like hair does when let out of a tightly wound braid.

The Spiral Iron creates yet another interesting look.  With metal spirals looping around the metal rod this curler gives hair a type of vintage look – bigger curls that lead into smaller ones. The Glider Ceramic Flat Iron is made with ceramic plates which give the hair a vibrant shine and helps to reduce frizz.

On the GliderPlus Tourmaline Digital Flat Iron, the flat iron plates are coated with a natural Tourmaline mineral.  When the straightener begins to heat up, the warmth boosts the output of negative ions. These ions help to close the hair cuticle as the plates glide across the hair.  This effectively locks moisture into the cuticle, providing a smoother, shinier and longer-lasting hairstyle with no frizz.

The Glider Titanium Professional Flat Iron has “floating edges” which allows more flexibility when curling, straightening, or flipping your hair.

professional hair straightener

Why not save money on curlers and hair straighteners?

So many straighteners, curlers, and other hair tools only serve one purpose.  It can get hectic, not to mention expensive, having so many different tools for so many different looks, especially if they are not all multi-purpose.  It is time to simplify on your gadgets and save some money in the process.  How awesome would it be to spend a fraction of the cost on hair tools?  And never have twenty-five different appliances laying around? Well, the great news is that we understand the struggle, which is why HSI now offers straightening sets.

Each set includes everything you should need for practically any look, at just a fraction of the cost.  Just like all those commercials advertise – “bundling saves you money!”  It really does.  To get the looks you want, while pocketing all those savings, it’s usually best to invest in professional hair iron sets.

The professional hair straightener just got enhanced!

professional hair straightenerJust when you thought it could not get any better, the HSI hair straightener collection now includes the heated straightening brush!  Straighten your hair while brushing it – why not save time and do both together?  The two-in-one Glider Brush features an ionic ceramic tourmaline-infused hot plate.  This hot plate uses 4 HeatBalance micro-sensors and infrared technology to regulate the temperature and distribute the heat evenly so that fewer passes are needed through your hair. The fewer passes the better for maintaining healthy, moisturized tresses.  Lower heat and fewer passes are the best way to get frizz-free silky locks that shine while protecting your hair cuticles from overheat exposure.  And, you do not have to waste time waiting for the straightener to heat up because the plate warms up within seconds.  Adjusting the temperature setting on the digital display on the brush’s handle is super quick and easy.  The heat options can be adjusted between the range of 350 – 450*F to accommodate your specific hair type and texture. Adjusting the temperature setting on the digital display on the brush’s handle is super quick and easy.  The heat options can be adjusted between the range of 350 – 450*F to accommodate your specific hair type and texture.

Great reviews that reflect our company

We are also proud to announce that we have a review of 4.5 out of a possible 5-star review.  We aim to please and satisfy our customers with all of our products – which is why we have constant sales on virtually all merchandise!


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