Hair Trends that Will be Going Away in 2018

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The 2017 year has brought a long of changes with it for the hair styling world and as it eases away, the 2018 year is creeping up on us. We’ve talked about our hair and set and the benefits it offers for keeping hair curly. Discussed how to keep hair healthy, maximize the results of hair styling, and to lessen the amount of frizz popping up in humid weather. The 2018 year is only a few months away and now is the time to ditch a couple of hair trends in the new year.

Twisted Braids

Game of Thrones has seen a rise in popularity nationwide, especially the Khaleesi appearance of twisted updos braid inspired by the show. Seen as an edgy update to the classic updo, many people have adopted the new appearance in the 2017 year. While Game of Thrones has seen a good run it’s starting to run its course on the network, so why not jump off the bandwagon while there is still a chance? The twisted updo is done by splitting a bun into three parts and twisting each section so it turns into a knot.

The hair style itself is easy to pull off, but it’s sure to lessen in popularity once the show that inspired the braid has run its course. There are other brands that have a more intricate appearance, are easier to do, and have twice as much character to add.

Begone with Ribbons

One of the aspects of our professional curling iron set is how versatile it can be with hair styles. Professional hair stylists and salon artists use only professional grade equipment to create unique and beautiful hair styles that will look amazing every day of the year. The one thing curls may not pair well with though is the use of ribbons and how we may see an absence of them in the new year. Ribbons do add a nice feminine touch and help to keep hair pulled back from the scalp in a nice ponytail with a bow.

The downside is ribbons don’t always pull off the look people want them too, especially the large tacky bows that are brightly colored. They can end up being distracting and ruin the appearance of an otherwise good hair style. Maybe opt out for wearing a navy or black color bow with the ends trailing down for a windblown style.

Hiding the Rainbow

This is a lesser known style, but one that may not make it to 2018 due to the overabundance of color and difficult to pull off. Referred to as the “hidden rainbow hair” this look is pulled off by coloring pastel hair in a rainbow and hiding it underneath another lock of hair. While it certainly can’t be paired with our hair iron set except for straightening, it’s a rather daring take on a hair style. The issue is with so much coloring is once it’s applied to the hair, it’s there to stay until the hair grows out. T

he coloring is permanent until it’s cut away and even attempting to bleach the hair to draw out the colors will be nearly impossible and usually end up causing irreversible damage. The strong colors, while beautiful, may also not be the ideal style to sport every day. These are only a couple of the styles that will probably see their last breath in the 2017 year before 2018 comes around with whole new trends.

Our professional curling iron set is available to help people with the transition and even to explore the new trends that are yet to come with the upcoming season. While each of these hair styles is unique and beautiful in their own way, it’s high time they went out the door to make way for something fresh and new. We look forward to seeing what 2018 brings for us in the form of new and upcoming hair styles.

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