Hello Argan Oil Heaven!

I remember the first time I was introduced to Argan oil.

It was a cold winters day and I was having a nice spa escape at a Russian Banya in New York. As a yoga teacher, designer, and mom of three, I'm fully aware of when I need to recharge; physically, mentally and emotionally. So I took a cue from some beautiful woman I associated with. I wanted the inside scoop on how they did it all so gracefully, their aura inspired me. These women always looked ageless, flawless and blissful. So I checked in, tuned out and within moments I was melting in a perfectly hot sauna and lathering coconut oil all over my body and hair when one of the women, whom I like to think of as a goddess, turned to me and handed me her Argan oil. I'll leave out the details of the look of disdain as if I was an absolute moron doing it all wrong. Here I thought coconut oil solved 99% of problems and could probably bring world peace until this moment. I humbly took her bottle and inhaled deeply.


Wow #mindblown!


Another deep and slow inhale as I poured this golden oil of Morocco into my hand and I was smitten. The scent was enchanting, the texture was so smooth... words fail me as I experienced that moment. But let's just say it was emotionally, mentally and tangibly life altering. I lathered it into my hair from root to tip. It was a somewhat meditative procedure. Slow and sensual and so pleasurable... Excuse my French, but all I could think of was 'this b*tch knows her sh*t, on another level !!!'. I'm not sure how many minutes it was that I was lost in realms of timeless euphoria but here it became officially noted that argan oil changed my life.



I let the oils sink in for approximately two hours, we brunched and chatted and drank tea between visits to the different sauna rooms and the hot tub, the heat seemed to allow it to penetrate and heal and transform my normally okay hair to angel status like I've never experienced before. I thought I was just treating my brittle dead ends, but as time went on I felt my hair getting smoother, stronger and more vibrant while my hands and scalp felt amazing, too. I showered and washed the oils out with my regular shampoo that day and smelt and felt AHHH-MAZING. But when I got home and did my research, I was opened to an entire new world.


Hello Argan oil heaven!


It's been a months since that cold winters day and my life has no doubt been changed for the better. HSI Argan oil hair products are now essential to my routine and a vital source of joy in my life. Sometimes, I wash my hair with the HSI Argan smoothing shampoo & conditioners and I find that it cuts down dramatically on my drying time and leaves my hair straighter and frizz free without needing any additional post-shower products. I'm so limited on time and patience most days that I could bless the gods right now! On occasion I still treat my hair with an Argan oil hydrating mask, usually just once a month when I find myself rejuvenating at the banya. These escapes are becoming less necessary now that I'm glowing on the constant.  When a glam night pops up and I'm over-styling my hair and using my curling or straightening iron, I use the specialty thermal leave-in products -- the heat & oil have this secret love affair and the results are flawless. I know it sounds too good to be true but my hair seems to be growing faster and fuller, too!



Seriously, I feel like I've unlocked the key to these goddess beauty and life secrets because I'm feeling blessed and blissful and beautiful... In every way.


Since my life's mission is to make the world a more beautiful place while helping others, I feel privileged to have discovered this simple gift. May men and women everywhere be bursting with joy and bliss and freedom. Now if one day I wake up and join the imperial Russian ballet I may need someone to pinch me!

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