How Argan Oil Can Make Going Back-To-School Easier!

As back-to-school season is slowly fading I wanted to reach out and share a heartfelt thank you.

I'm a mom of all boys and the back to school craze is a no biggie here. Beyond the basic prep school uniforms and standard supplies, it's a drama-free zone in my home. So I took the initiative to help my brother out; he has 3 daughters and they are quiet the drama queens... Between keeping up with fashion trends, school work, and a healthy dose of vanity, the level of hormones and anxiety in his home is astonishing. I knew that taking them off his hands for a few hours and assisting with the checklist would be a huge help.
My nieces are adorable, fun, bubbly and blessed with larger than life personalities and big curly heads of hair to match.
I figured we'd pick up some clothes, maybe get haircuts/makeovers and then indulge in a sweet treat. I heard that my sister-in-law did a chemical treatment last year to tame their manes and that kind of disturbed me. I'm an au-natural kinda momma so my day wouldn't be on that level. These girls are so young and shouldn't be exposed to those unhealthy toxins -- vanity shouldn't be that important...
Besides, how bad could their hair really be!?
I picked them up, promised them an awesome day with their favorite aunt and started speaking to them about their hair routine. To my surprise it was pretty bad. They shared their horrifying shower time stories, each more animated than the next. The middle sister, Abby, is 11 years old and she was tearing up! She's my favorite little girl in the world but definitely the most dramatic diva of the bunch. They each need at least 20 minutes, half a bottle of conditioner and a strong hand to just brush through the tangles. They are forever breaking their brushes and getting hurt... It seems like showering is a real nightmare. It was difficult not to laugh and cry while honestly listening and thanking god for my sons.
I decided then and there that instead of a cool shopping trip, I'd do one better: I'd get them some real hair care help!
I called my friend who was a celebrity stylist and gave her the run down and she sent me to pick up a full line of HSI Argan oil hair goodies. We took it all to my place, put on the Argan oil treatment masks, made pop corn and milkshakes, turned on a movie and truly enjoyed ourselves. I may have left the mask on longer than suggested just because I refused to fail (sorry, I have trust issues). After the movie, the girls showered with the HSI Argan oil smoothing shampoo & conditioner without a brush and quicker than they've ever showered. I'm sure you know how fabulous your products are, but with a house full of boys and no long + curly hair experience, I was pretty damn impressed. The girls let their hair air dry and WOW... They have the most beautiful, soft, smooth and glistening curls I've ever seen. They went home smiling brighter than ever.
It's now been a week and my brother just called to thank me (major rare occasion). His girls no longer fight about showering, they have extra time for nonsense and hassle free glamorous curls. Obviously, I just took being the best aunt ever to a new level. Major thank you! But truly I'm just so glad that they now know how to take care of themselves in a healthy, all-natural and simple way. I'm certain I've changed their routine and lives for the better!

Argan oil; Because being a frizzy, curly-haired girl is tough enough and you don't need that kind of stress in your life!


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Thanks for the story. I remember when my daughter was a toddler and I would have to chase her throughout the house with a spray bottle of hair detangler. I wish I had Argon Oil back then.

Joanel September 17, 2016

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