How Long Is Too Long For Your Hair?

Every girl has dreamed about having Rapunzel hair at some point. What's more romantic than having long hair that goes past your waist and makes you look like a Disney princess? It's not always flowing locks and excellent Instagram selfies, though.

Sometimes having long hair is more of a liability than anything else. At what point is long hair too long, and what should you do about it?

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Long hair is great but has some problems

No one ever talk about the maintenance that comes with long hair. You can't just wash it and go. There's the blow drying, the attacking it with the iron straightener, and if you want to use a ceramic styling iron on it you're going to be there all day. When it looks good it looks great, but it takes a lot of hard work to get it there.

The cons of long hair

If you're thinking of growing your hair out there's a few cons that you really should be aware of:
  • If you want to dye it you're going to be in the salon for a long time. Get comfy. If you want to do it yourself, you're going to need to buy at least two boxes of dye to fully cover it.
  • If you share your bed with a partner, they're likely to roll over onto it. There's no pain like having your hair trapped under someone.
  • The tangles can be the absolute worst. Brushing it out can feel like forever!
  • You have to keep on top of getting it trimmed. When you're growing it out it can be tempting to want to skip the haircuts, but don't. Not getting long hair trimmed means it can look ratty very quickly.

The pros of a long mane

So, if all those things can go wrong with long hair, why on earth would you grow it out?
  • You can do the hair flip. You know the one. Don't lie and say you don't want to be able to do that.
  • Longer hair means you have more hair to use when trying out new styles? Have you been dying to try out the elaborate Game of Thrones style braids that have been doing the rounds? Now you can.
  • Long hair suits almost face shapes, so if you've been struggling to find a style that suits you, maybe you should think about growing it out.

When is it 'too long?'

This is a question that plagues many women, and the worst part is there's no real answer. If you feel as though your hair is getting too long, then it probably is. Here's a few things to consider though, before you go and get the chop.
  • Age: You should never listen if someone tells you can't wear something because you're too sold/young for something. However, if you feel your long hair doesn't suit you, maybe it's time to get it cut.
  • Styling: Making your long hair look good can be exhausting. Holding the hairdryer over your long locks or attacking them with the ceramic flat irons can take forever. If your arms are getting tired every morning, think about whether it's worth all that work and effort.
  • Damage: Long hair takes a lot of abuse, from heated tools, getting caught in zips and jackets, and from being brushed out all the time thanks to all the knots. If you're sick of it, maybe it's time for the chop.

Tips for caring for long hair

ceramic flat irons

Have you decided you're keeping your lovely long mane? Then here's some tips for keeping it in good condition.

  • Go easy on the styling tools: Heated styling tools are your best friend, but they're also frying your hair. Try not to use them every day, and keep the temperature as low as you can. You may love your ceramic flat iron, but sometimes it won't love you back.
  • Keep it trimmed: As mentioned earlier, a regular trim means you're cutting the dead ends off without losing the length of your hair. Visit your salon regularly to make sure your hair is still healthy.
  • Use professional styling products: There's lots of products out there for long hair. Keep it healthy with hair masks and good quality shampoos and conditioners. Argan oil is a great bet for long hair, as it encourages hair growth and helps prevent split ends.
  • Be careful when brushing: When brushing long hair, don't yank on it to get the knots out. Go slow and steady, and be patient. It will take longer, but your hair will take much less damage.
Long hair is only too long if it's bothering you. If not, wear that beautiful mane with pride.

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