Caring For Coily Hair

by Nichole Dawkins | Nov 20 2016

Throughout my teens I would go in and out of relaxed hair and natural hair, but in my twenties I committed to not using chemicals and went fully naturally. I always preferred the natural hair state, but unfortunately that meant dealing with my coily, kinky hair type. Back then, I was unsure of how to manage my hair. I mean, it is EXTREMELY kinky - nappy is probably a better word. So coily that when you stretch out a strand of hair it extends 3 times the length and snaps back quick like a rubberband!

While I was proud of my coily, kinky hair, I have to admit styling it was a bit of a drag. I often turned to weaves, wigs and twists to manage it until it was a length I could handle. But as I learned more about my hair type, I discovered that it really came down to just having a routine.

Despite its rough appearance, coily hair is actually one of the most fragile hair types. If not handled gently and cared for properly, it can easily tangle and break. The tips I’ve provided in this article will help you keep your coily hair healthy, detangled and growing long.


Moisture is key, do it every single day

The key to maintaining your coily hair type is moisture. Coily hair tends to dry out quickly because it is difficult for the scalp’s natural oils to travel down the tightly wound hair shaft. But this hair type must stay hydrated to avoid breakage. Moisturize your hair every 1-2 days with to-go hair creme. It may seem like a lot, but it is a must if you want your hair to grow.

Always work in sections

For any hair type, working in sections gives you more control over your hair. But for coily haired girls, working is sections also helps to reduce the amount of manipulation and breakage. Keep in mind that coily hair is subject to tangling, making the detangling process a nightmare. You will greatly reduce the amount of time you spend detangling when you work in smaller sections.

Deep condition religiously

The topic of deep conditioning comes up a lot when talking about natural hair. That’s because of our hair type is prone to dryness and tangling, and deep conditioning helps with this. This is one area where I tend to get lazy, but deep conditioning your coily hair at least every two weeks will maintain your hair’s moisture and luster. There are many different types of deep treatments on the market, but you can also use at home items like shea butter, argan oil or olive oil to deep condition your hair.

Use low manipulation styles

Another topic that often comes up in the natural hair world is low manipulation styling. When going natural, it is good to avoid using hot styling tools such as blow dryers due to the constant tugging and pulling of the hair. This can cause hair breakage if overdone, so try not to use it unless you are deep conditioning with it. I avoid using heat more than twice a month and wear protective styles such as twists, bumps and braids.

Trim your ends if you see them split

When you have coily hair that is prone to shrinkage the last thing you want to do is cut it! But the truth is leaving split or raggedy ends alone will only make them get worse - trust me I’ve been there. Don’t overdo it, but check your ends and if needed give them a trim every 6 to 8 weeks.

Prep your head for bed every night

Properly covering your hair at night is crucial to keeping your coily hair from breaking! I absolutely hate prepping my hair for bed, mainly because I hate the way I look in a satin bonnet or head scarf. It’s just not a sexy look for me. But I have learned to cope with and found a great alternative - a satin pillow case. Just make sure to have your hair in twists or pulled back if you are not using a scarf or bonnet to cover your hair. This will prevent the hair from getting matted and tangled while you sleep, making it way easier to style in the morning.


At the end of the day, your kinky, coily hair just needs to be hydrated and kept well. Also remember to opt for protective styles to stretch your hair out like braids and twist outs. I hope these tips will help you to keep you natural hair naturally gorgeous!


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