How Your Hair Will Benefit From Argan Oil

Wondering if all the rage about Argan Oil hair products is just a fad or are there real benefits? Maybe a fad, but one with a real back bone. There are so... many... benefits! 

Let us first start with where argan oil comes from. What is it? Well, argan is actually a small fruit, which contains a nut. That little nut is pressed to extract the purest form of oil. The people of Morocco use this argan oil daily on a plethora of things like salad, bug bites, hair, nails and more. HSI Professional is dedicated to bringing you the many benefits of the oil to your hair, so it can become it's most beautiful form. 















Split ends galore? Since argan oil is plentiful in antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and other nutrients like vitamin A and E, there are endless benefits. Regular use of argan oil helps your hair become manageable. It will minimize frizz and get rid of those pesky split ends while helping promote growth. Our products are always lightweight so your hair will be bouncy, with lots of body and shine. Using our Argan Oil Leave-in Treatment daily will have your hair looking healthy in no time. 









Do you have colored hair? Not to fret, argan oil ALSO protects your color! This little fruit is really amazing. While protecting your color, your hair will also be repaired from the sometimes harsh coloring and bleaching agents. Using a full line of argan infused hair products is the best way to protect your hair and color, but starting with an wash set is a great jumping point. 






Do you use real hair extensions? You're good, all of our products are safe for natural hair extensions! That's right. I'll say it again, all of our products WON'T SLIDE EXTENSIONS! How awesome is that? HSI Professional's Argan Oil Leave-in treatment is best for keeping those locks healthy, with no split ends, and no blown out follicles that no longer want to hold color.  












Do you use high heat on your hair? When we say high heat, we mean hot water in the shower all the way to a 450 degree curling iron. Wether you use heat on your hair regularly or once in a while, just one high heat application can really damage your hair (yes, even hot water). Argan oil has a natural heat protectant, but we upped the ante. Our Argan Oil infused Thermal Protector keeps your hair safe from temperatures up to 450 degrees! While, of course, promoting shine and fighting frizz. Our shampoo and conditioner will help with the hot water in the shower. The Thermal Protector is fantastic for the beach also! It keeps your hair healthy against the harsh rays of the sun while also nourishing the hair after the salt water has dried it out. It's a sort of leave in conditioner while also protecting your hair!


 So basically, argan oil is a miracle for your hair and real hair extensions. There are countless advantages for both skin and nails too, but we will talk about those later. Be sure to check our social channels for all the latest updates! 

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